Our goal is to link research activities with practice in the workplace by serving safety professionals, medical care providers, agricultural producers, workers, and their families. Use this tool to explore videos, stories, training guides, infographics, fact sheets, and other resources.

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2018 Smoke Study

This student-led research study showed that farmworkers had little or no information about how to protect themselves from wildfire smoke.

training poster

Wildfire Smoke Posters, Guides, Checklists

Developed by the Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (WCAHS). Available in Spanish and English.

Fan Filter

DIY Low-Cost Fan Filter

A simple box fan filter will help keep your indoor air clean. Available in Spanish and English. Developed by the University of Washington EDGE Center.

video wildfire smoke

Ag Producers and Wildfire Smoke

Video produced by the High Plains Intermountain Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (HICAHS) Center, What Agricultural Producers Need to Know About Wildfire Smoke.

Wildfire smoke

Health Impacts Paper

2020 WA state wildfire smoke episode: Increased exposures and potential exposure reductions.

hand washing

Masks in Heat

Tips for working in heat while wearing a mask. Available in Spanish and English.

Cover of report

Forest Worker Safety Talks

Train your crew with these short but important “Safety Talks.” Real worker stories are used to start conversations and give essential safety tips.

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Spanish Glossary of Forestry Services Terms

Glossary of Forestry Services: with Motivation for Understanding (pdf in English)

Woman and daughter walking

Videos historias reales

Historias reales de lastimaduras de trabajadores inmigrantes trabajando contratados en nuestros bosques de los Estados Unidos, contadas con su propia voz.

Forestry worker cutting brush

Reality Tales Videos: Injuries in the Woods

Real worker injury stories, told in their own voice, from immigrant workers conducting contract services in our U.S. forests. 

photos of gloves

Recommendations For Safer Glove Usage During COVID-19

These are some tips and recommendations for safer glove usage to protect us from COVID-19.

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Minimizar el Contagio del Coronavirus

Esta guía nos proporciona formas de desinfectar y limpiar nuestras superficies, nos enseña por qué es importante y cómo hacerlo.