Continuing Education


Training for professionals in occupational health and safety

Our Continuing Education program serves employers, workers and occupational health practitioners with high-quality safety and health training programs and courses across our four-state region: Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska.

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We offer courses that address workplace health and safety issues across states and industries, including open-enrollment courses in the large population centers of Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Boise and Anchorage.

We also offer alternative training methods by video, e-learning and customized, on-site training to reach people in more remote areas.

Other training options are offered through our partnerships with several additional programs, including authorized OSHA Training Institute courses and training for those working with hazardous waste or materials through the NIEHS Worker Education and Training Program.  

Through our collaborations with businesses, labor groups, governments and local occupational health and safety organizations, the Continuing Education program at the Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety is helping to lead the way on emerging issues such as the safe use of hazardous drugs, underground construction safety and sustainable practices in green chemistry.