Etiquetas Bilingües de Pesticidas/Bilingual Pesticide Safety Project

This project is developing mobile device apps with health, safety, and environmental information from EPA agricultural pesticide labels in English with contextual Spanish translations. Pesticide handlers, farm managers, and growers can have this critical safety information in hand anytime, even in rural areas without connectivity. Learn more about this project through PNASH’s Pesticide Safety webpage and the webpage for ¡Etiquetas de pesticidas, ahora!™ / Pesticide Labels, Now!™

Commercial agricultural pesticide labels come in booklets that can be many pages long. Traditionally, farm managers or coworkers often provided on-the-spot translations that may not be inaccurate or are unavailable when needed. This project addresses the inherent language disparity that can compromise farmworker health and safety and is central to our work developing safety solutions designed for a predominantly Spanish-speaking audience. With these apps, agricultural workers, managers, and companies can have the confidence that they are taking the appropriate measures to minimize ag worker, family, and community exposure to pesticides, as well as protect their crops and the environment. Proactively, growers and owners also view these apps as a risk management tool.

This past year, a free app ¡Etiquetas de Pesticidas, ahora!TM Pesticide Labels, Now!TM was released for the apple and pear industries in Washington State. It is now available on the Apple App and Google Stores. It contains 40 pesticide labels in English and Spanish for products commonly used on these crops. With wifi or data, one can also search the state database of approved labels and use the links to Worker Protection Standard training and information. The app is now being developed into a premium subscription service and will be available for most Washington State specialty crops.

Principal Investigator: Kit Galvin, MPH, CIH
Senior Research Scientist, PNASH Center
University of Washington

Washington Labor and Industries Safety and Health Investment Projects Grant Program

Partners and Advisories:
Washington Wine Industry Foundation
University of Washington CoMotion and Population: Health Initiatives

¡Etiquetas de pesticidas, ahora!™ / Pesticide Labels, Now!™

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