Bilingual Pesticide Safety Project

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Etiquetas bilingües de pesticidas™ / Bilingual Pesticide Safety™ Project


The Solution

The Apps



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Errors in pesticide handling increase the risk of pesticide exposures and illnesses. Errors also cost farm operators time and money. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules for the safe handling of agricultural pesticide products are in English. However, Spanish is the primary language of the vast majority US agricultural workers.

Our goal is to  provide an effective risk management tool to replace the status quo, on-the-spot translations by farm managers and coworkers. Unfortunately this approach can result in translations that may be inaccurate or unavailable when needed. With the app in their pocket workers and managers can access the information they need to comply with the EPA requirements and safely perform their pesticide handling tasks.

“There are a lot of people who don’t understand labels and it’s the law that we understand them.”

- Pesticide Applicator

The Solution

Apps for phones and tablets containing that contain the health, safety, and environmental protection information from pesticide labels in English and true accessible Spanish translations.  These risk management tools feature

  • Anytime, anywhere access. No connectivity needed.

  • A user-friendly interface and easy navigation.

  • Updates when labels change. (Online)

The Apps

The apps developed by this project are for information purposes only. When there is a difference between the app contents and the pesticide product label, the product label prevails.The label that comes with the pesticide product is the legal document.  These apps are NOT a substitute for obtaining and reading the pesticide product label. The label is the law.

“We need pesticide safety information from the label in Spanish. I am bilingual but, the English is technical and I don’t understand it. How can I explain it to my workers?”

- Orchard Manager


A special thank you to the pesticide handlers, orchard managers, and the project champions from across the agricultural industry and communities for your ongoing support, encouragement, ideas, and critical feedback. Together we are reaching our goal. 

This project has received funding and support from the following:

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  • SHIP Grant Program - State of Washington, Department of Labor & Industries, Safety & Health Investment Projects.
  • Washington Wine Industry Foundation - The Washington Wine Industry Foundation brings together partners and facilitates funding to craft sustainable solutions to the Washington wine industry’s challenges.
  • Washington State Department of Agriculture - Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.
  • University of Washington CoMotion - Mary Gates Innovation Scholars Internship Program, STEP Award.
  • Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health (PNASH) Center - CDC/NIOSH cooperative agreement #5 U54 OH007544.


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