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Safe with Pesticides/Seguro con Pesticidas

quotePestiSeguro™/PestiSafe™ is a new mobile application developed by the University of Washington that delivers detailed pesticide safety information in both Spanish and English.

The developers recently completed extensive testing with a cross-section of Washington farmworkers. Now we are seeking additional funding to launch the application for use with agricultural workers across Washington state. The long-term project goal is for the app to be financially self-sustaining.

This bilingual app for Washington agriculture contains:

  1. The health, safety, and environmental safety information in Spanish and English from 40 labels used in apple and pear production. (Offline use with online updates.)
  2. User friendly mobile interface to search, access, and download pesticide labels approved for use in Washington.* (Online)
  3. Annotated list of links to pesticide safety and WPS resources in Spanish and English. (Online)
  4. Add the expected delivery date.

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Research shows

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Farmworkers in WA state reported 630 cases of pesticide-related illness in 2010-17*. 90% of the affected farmworkers preferred interviews in Spanish. 79% of cases were related to farmworkers' inability to access, understand or act on label safety requirements or instructions. *Pesticide Illness Surveillance Program, WA Department of Health, Sept. 2018

Protect health, save time and money

Pesticide handling errors can harm Washington agricultural workers, crops and the environment and cost farm operations time and money. Critical pesticide safety information is provided in the product label. This document is long and technical, just like a drug package insert. And it is only available in English.

PestiSeguro/PestiSafe was developed by the UW's Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center, part of the Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences. The data in this app is for reference and information purposes only.

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