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The Dairy Safety Toolkit (DSK) was created to increase access to dairy materials such as training and resources and to become a one-stop place for all your dairy safety needs. Using an interactive platform the DSK provides a safe learning and sharing environment for dairy producers, workers, and supervisors in both English and Spanish. The platform includes resources such as training, factsheets, and links to reliable websites. Our modules will provide you with the estimated training time, materials, suggested training environment, and a lesson plan. A key feature of this platform is the online learning community it creates for the dairy industry to have discussion and share tips and resources. To access materials and resources, you can register for the DSK online community or download the modules below:

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Training Topics

The training materials have been organized by topics, we recommend selecting applicable topics on a monthly basis to share with employees. Many of the provided materials and activities are suitable for sharing during monthly safety meetings.  

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Welcome to the Dairy Safety Toolkit

An overview of the Dairy Safety Toolkit and how to use it.

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Accident Prevention Program (APP)

APP requirements, templates, and hazard identification tools.

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Safety Meetings

Tips and templates for conducting safety meetings.

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Slips, Trips and Falls

Shares STF prevention strategies and training resources.

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Animal Handling

Shares causes of animal-related injuries and animal handling training resources.

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Hazard Walkthrough

Hazard identification requirements, training tools, and resources.

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Chemical Hazards

Shares hazard communication requirements and resources for training.

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Confined Spaces

Shares confined spaces requirements and best safety practices.

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Near Misses

Shares examples of near misses and tools for tracking.

image of heat toolkit training guide

Heat Toolkit

A set of resources and tools to prevent heat illness on the farm.

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image of basta toolkit training guide

¡Basta! Toolkit

A sexual harassment worksite training and toolkit for farms.

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FARM Program

Training tools and guidance to improve safety on the farm.

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Below are lesson plans and activities that can be used during safety meetings or tailgate trainings. 

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Accident Prevention Plan

Shares guidance and templates to help employers develop effective safety plans.

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Conducting a Safety Meeting

Shares suggestions and planning templates to encourage worker participation during safety meetings. 

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Mapping Activity: Identify Hazards

Provides a hands-on and engaging activity to help identify and map hazards on the farm. 



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Funding and support for this project has been provided by the State of Washington, Department of Labor & Industries, Safety & Health Investment Projects.

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