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 lni training kitcovid safety for food processing workers  covid safety in ag workplace

  Covid-19 7 Requirements to Ag covid safety for food processing workers covid safety for temporary worker housing  

 twh employer card english twh employer card spanishtwh employer card english

twh employer card spanish

covid-which mask cards english   covid-which mask cards spanish  covid-which mask cards english   covid-which mask cards spanish  

 COVID-19 Requirement 1  COVID-19 Requirement 2 COVID-19 Requirement 3

COVID-19 Requirement 4

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Cards Developed from Washington State Requirements (Eng/Esp)

Covid-19 Employer Requirements SpanishCovid-19 Employer Requirements EnglishCovid-19 Social Distancing Requirements - SpanishCovid-19 Social Distancing Requirements - EnglishCovid-19 Handwashing Requirements - SpanishCovid-19 Handwashing Requirements - EnglishCovid-19 Cleaning & Sanitizing Requirements - SpanishCovid-19 Cleaning & Sanitizing Requirements - EnglishCovid-19 Staying Home & Isolating - SpanishCovid-19 Staying Home & Isolating - EnglishCovid-19 Workplace Hazard Education - SpanishCovid-19 Workplace Hazard Education - English

Cloth Face Coverings

mask span phi centers face covering spanish cdc face covering safe span cdc face covering info span

mask eng phi centers face covering english cdc face covering safe eng cdc face covering info eng

wearing masks in the heat mask-requirement-esp washing-mask-esp

wearing masks in the heat mask-requirement-eng washing-mask-eng

COVID wearing maskwearing masks in the heat

COVID wearing maskWhen you wear your mask

Respiratory Protection

which mask lni centers respiratory protection english centers respiratory protection spanish 

FDA face covering

Available in Spanish and English

Cleaning Recommendations

6 ways to clean spanish and english cleaning home spanish and english recommendations for cleaning minimize contagion english and spanishrecommendations for cleaning

Radio Spots


 indigenous language videos 

Print Material

WA Department of Labor and Industries (Eng/Esp)


WA Department of Health (Eng/Esp)

covid-19-doh-exposed-espcovid-19-doh-exposed-engcovid-19-doh-after-work-esp covid-19-doh-after-work-eng

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Eng/Esp)

síntomas share facts poster stop the spread poster wash your hands

symptoms poster share facts poster stop the spread poster washing hands poster





 wcahs tailgate span  wcahs tailgate eng