Orly Stampfer

Project title: Safe Siting for Early Care and Education Facilities

Degree: MPH | Program: Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) | Project type: Practicum
Completed in: 2018 | Faculty advisor: Catherine Karr


There are few regulations and little guidance regarding the placement of early care and education (ECE) facilities in many states. Our project goal was to support ATSDR Region 10 in working with partner states to help them implement a safe siting initiative. We compiled geospatial data resources and created written materials to convey the importance of safe siting, which facilitated communication between state health agency personnel and stakeholders (e.g. child care licensing personnel) about safe siting guidance. We found that there are key opportunities for integrating safe siting guidance into existing child care licensing rules and procedures. Additionally, GIS can identify proximity to potential hazards; further efforts could determine if exposures may be present. State partners used the data and examples to successfully engage stakeholders. This project facilitated the integration of safe siting guidance, with the aim of reducing exposures of children to potential hazards while attending ECE facilities. This project could be expanded to include home-based ECE facilities.