Frequently asked questions: Admitted DEOHS graduate students

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Accepting your offer

How do I accept or decline the offer of admission?
April 15, 2024, is the deadline to accept or decline our offer. When you are ready to make a decision, please do so through the Online Application. If you accept an offer of admission, instructions and next steps will appear on your Graduate Application Status Page. International students who indicated that they would request an I-20 or DS visa application will also see instructions there. 

What are the tuition rates?
The tuition rates for all degrees for 2023-2024 are listed on the SPH Tuition and Funding page. The 2024-2025 rates will be published in August 2024. If you have been admitted to a MS or PhD program and are a resident of one the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) states, you may be eligible to pay Washington resident tuition. Please note the MPH is not eligible . MS and PhD students who are residents of one the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) states should submit the Western Regional Graduate Program (WGRP) Resident Tuition Rate Application Form, and contact Amy Gundlach Ritter (  with any questions.

Where can I find resources for finding funding?
The Graduate Funding Information Service (GFIS) helps current and admitted UW graduate students learn skills and tools to find funding for graduate school-related expenses. You can find more information on their website at

I’m an international student, what steps do I need to take?
Please follow the instructions on your application status page: UW Online Application. Please also review the UW Graduate School’s resource page for admitted international students. 

Changing your degree or Area of Emphasis

Can I change to a different Area of Emphasis?
Yes. You can change to a different Area of Emphasis through your first quarter (autumn 2024). The only exception is if you have funding that is tied to a specific Area of Emphasis. This will be noted in your offer letter. 
To compare the curriculum requirements for the Areas of Emphasis, view degree requirements and competencies sections on each degree pages:

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Can I change from the MS to the MPH or the MPH to the MS?
Yes. The curriculum for the MS and MPH are quite different. You need to make your final decision before classes start in autumn quarter. The only exception is if you have funding that is tied to a specific degree; this will be noted in your offer letter. 

Can I change from the MS Applied to the MS Thesis or the MS Thesis to the MS Applied?
Yes. The curriculum for the MS Applied and the MS Thesis degree are the same for the first two quarters, so you have time to decide which option is best for you. You’ll need to make your final decision before spring quarter of your first year. 

Coming to campus

Are there campus tours?
See the Visit Week schedule for opportunities to virtually tour DEOHS lab and research spaces. You can also take a virtual tour of our new building, the Hans Rosling Center for Population Health: If you’d like to tour the full campus, there are student-led and self-guided tours available through the UW Admissions Office:

When do autumn quarter classes start?
Autumn 2024 classes begin on Wednesday, September 25. There will be orientation events at the beginning of the quarter, and we will send you those details once they are confirmed. Please see the UW’s academic calendar for other important dates:

When do I register?
The first day of autumn quarter registration is Monday, June 17. Please review the "how to register with SLNs" section of the registrar's website: before June 20th. 
Between April 17th and June 17th, all incoming students will be invited to schedule individual advising appointment with Amy Gundlach Ritter, which will cover course registration, degree requirements and any questions students have about the program. To see the full requirements and a sample schedule for your degree, view the degree requirements and competencies sections on each of the degree pages:

Will I be assigned a faculty adviser?
Students will meet with Amy Gundlach Ritter, Graduate Program Adviser. All incoming students will have their initial appointments between April 17th and June 18th, when registration opens. Amy will help students with all questions related to degree requirements, program expectations, registration, and academic regulations. Incoming masters students will also be assigned an Initial Faculty Mentor in early September. The Initial Faculty Mentor will work with the student to help them think through their research, practicum and project interests. The Initial Faculty Mentor does not need to have expertise in their student's area of interest, and in many cases the Faculty Mentor will not ultimately become the student's Thesis Chair or Practicum/Project Adviser. But the Initial Faculty Mentor will help the student to think about which members of faculty might be good fits for those roles.

Will classes be in person or online? 
Currently, the University is planning for fully in-person instruction in autumn quarter 2024. Please refer to the UW’s COVID-19 response page for the most up-to-date information: You can see recent quarterly schedules here: 

Are there resources for finding on-campus and off-campus housing?
See the UW Housing Website for information about on-campus housing options. For off-campus options, this Neighborhood Guide created by Transportation Services takes your commute into primary consideration as you consider locations. You may find this Google map useful showing communities by transportation type: google map of UW commuting communities. Another great resource for getting to know Seattle is this video: Black Life in Seattle, created with support from the UW's Office of Minority Affairs. The Graduate Student Equity & Excellence (GSEE) has a Facebook group for students looking for housing: GSEE Find a Roommate/Housing Facebook Group

What are the immunization requirements?

Connecting with Resources

How can I connect with the Disability Resources Office?
The UW's Disabilities Resources Offices (DRS) serves over 2,400 students with temporary and permanent physical, health, learning, sensory, or psychological disabilities. DRS partners with students to establish services for their access and inclusion on campus. DRS works with admitted students as soon as they have accepted their offer of admission. Please see their getting started page:

How can I connect with Veteran's Services?
The UW Veterans Education Benefits Office supports current and former service members and their dependents during their time as UW students. Please see their website for more information: 

Is there a student health insurance option?
International students will enroll in the International Student Health Insurance Program – ISHIP. Academic Student Employees will have insurance through the Graduate Appointee Insurance Program (GAIP) . See your offer letter to confirm if you have an eligible appointment.
UW does not offer a general insurance plan. However, the UW does offer services and support to help students find insurance plans

Are there resources for Graduate Students of Color and First-Generation Graduate Students?

The UW Graduate School has a variety of resources. Here are links to their student resources pages for First-Generation Students and the Office of Graduate Student Equity & Excellence (GSEE) which provides a variety of resources to support and promote the success of graduate students of color.