Environmental and Occupational Health Seminar

ENV H 580

PLEASE NOTE: All spring quarter 2021 seminars will be presented as live-stream Zoom webinars. The registration link is the same for all sessions: https://washington.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_1CYp5eBnRAia1Oy9GduV8Q

Thursdays, 12:30-1:20 pm

The Environmental and Occupational Health Seminar (Env H 580) is a department-sponsored seminar series for students, staff and faculty; practicing professionals in the environmental and occupational health fields; and the public. This seminar highlights the rich diversity of our department and is an opportunity to hear from locally, nationally and internationally known scientists, practitioners and policymakers on issues of current scientific importance.

Recordings from Previous Webinars:

  • February 18 (Fran Solomon, Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals and Human Health)
  • February 25 (James Gawel, Legacy Arsenic in Lakes: That Toxic Relationship That Just Won't Go Away!)
  • March 4 (Hao Wang, Cadmium Induces Neurotoxicity by Affecting Adult Neurogenesis)
  • March 11 (Kathi Lefebvre, Algal Toxins in Arctic and Subarctic Food Webs)
  • April 1 (Vanessa Galaviz, Achieving Environmental Justice for California)
  • April 8 (Alison Beason, Building an Equitable Port with Data)
  • April 22 (Jia-Hua Lin, Hidden Voices: Research and Assessment of Janitorial Workload)
  • April 29 (Nancy Bernard, Environmental Health and Safety Issues in Washington Schools: COVID-19, Indoor Air Quality, and Wildfire Smoke)
  • May 6 (Christian Braneon, Towards Climate Justice and Equitable Adaptation)


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