Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

June 12, 2023 | Jolayne Houtz
A group of UW students, some wearing graduation robes, pose for their families to take photos.

DEOHS celebrates with a festive send-off for our 2023 graduates

New DEOHS graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health program pose for photos at the Hans Rosling Center for Population Health. Photo: Jolayne Houtz. 

Families, friends, faculty and staff gathered Friday to celebrate 74 students graduating from the UW Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences (DEOHS) across four degree programs.

The celebration at the Hans Rosling Center for Population Health kicked off a weekend of festivities that included the UW graduation event on Saturday and the UW School of Public Health ceremony on Sunday.

The department’s Class of 2023 graduates include:

  • 22 undergraduate students earning their Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health.
  • 31 Master of Science graduates.
  • 12 Master of Public Health graduates.
  • 9 Doctor of Philosophy graduates.

DEOHS Chair Michael Yost congratulates students at the DEOHS graduation ceremony. Photo: Veronica Brace.
New PhD graduate Max Chmielinski (center) celebrates with friends at the DEOHS photo booth. Photo: Jolayne Houtz
DEOHS Professor Catherine Karr (second from left) was named the Outstanding Faculty Mentor of 2023 by DEOHS graduate students. Photo: Veronica Brace.

Four young women pose in black graduation robes in front of a library.
DEOHS undergraduates Greta Gunning, Bridget Ury, Belen Salguero and Cassady Surfleet pose on the UW campus. Photo: Cassady Surfleet.

DEOHS Assistant Professor Judit Marsillach (center front) snaps a selfie with DEOHS undergraduate students. Photo: Jolayne Houtz.

A group of faculty stand in a half-circle in a large atrium.
DEOHS faculty celebrating our 2023 graduates (L to R): Martin Cohen, Toby Cole, Michael Yost, Christopher Simpson, Elena Austin, Nancy Simcox and Lianne Sheppard. Photo: Jolayne Houtz

Jiaxin Huang (left) is one of 22 undergraduates earning their Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health. Photos: Veronica Brace.
New MS graduate Asheton Gilbertson (third from left) celebrates with DEOHS faculty members Martin Cohen, Elena Austin and Marissa Baker. Photo: Veronica Brace.
New BS graduate Greta Gunning (in white dress) poses with her family for a photo by Dan Poux, manager of experiential learning and career services. Photo: Jolayne Houtz.
DEOHS Assistant Professor Marissa Baker with a group of DEOHS graduates at the UW SPH graduation ceremony. Photo: Marissa Baker.

New DEOHS BS graduate Jack Larsen acknowledges the applause at the DEOHS graduation celebration. Photo: Veronica Brace.




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