Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

| Jolayne Houtz
A group of UW students, some wearing graduation robes, pose for their families to take photos.

New DEOHS graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health program pose for photos at the Hans Rosling Center for Population Health. Photo: Jolayne Houtz. 

DEOHS celebrates with a festive send-off for our 2023 graduates

Families, friends, faculty and staff gathered Friday to celebrate 74 students graduating from the UW Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences (DEOHS) across four degree programs.

The celebration at the Hans Rosling Center for Population Health kicked off a weekend of festivities that included the UW graduation event on Saturday and the UW School of Public Health ceremony on Sunday.

The department’s Class of 2023 graduates include:

  • 22 undergraduate students earning their Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health.
  • 31 Master of Science graduates.
  • 12 Master of Public Health graduates.
  • 9 Doctor of Philosophy graduates.

DEOHS Chair Michael Yost congratulates students at the DEOHS graduation ceremony. Photo: Veronica Brace.
New PhD graduate Max Chmielinski (center) celebrates with friends at the DEOHS photo booth. Photo: Jolayne Houtz
DEOHS Professor Catherine Karr (second from left) was named the Outstanding Faculty Mentor of 2023 by DEOHS graduate students. Photo: Veronica Brace.

Four young women pose in black graduation robes in front of a library.
DEOHS undergraduates Greta Gunning, Bridget Ury, Belen Salguero and Cassady Surfleet pose on the UW campus. Photo: Cassady Surfleet.

DEOHS Assistant Professor Judit Marsillach (center front) snaps a selfie with DEOHS undergraduate students. Photo: Jolayne Houtz.

A group of faculty stand in a half-circle in a large atrium.
DEOHS faculty celebrating our 2023 graduates (L to R): Martin Cohen, Toby Cole, Michael Yost, Christopher Simpson, Elena Austin, Nancy Simcox and Lianne Sheppard. Photo: Jolayne Houtz

Jiaxin Huang (left) is one of 22 undergraduates earning their Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health. Photos: Veronica Brace.
New MS graduate Asheton Gilbertson (third from left) celebrates with DEOHS faculty members Martin Cohen, Elena Austin and Marissa Baker. Photo: Veronica Brace.
New BS graduate Greta Gunning (in white dress) poses with her family for a photo by Dan Poux, manager of experiential learning and career services. Photo: Jolayne Houtz.
DEOHS Assistant Professor Marissa Baker with a group of DEOHS graduates at the UW SPH graduation ceremony. Photo: Marissa Baker.

New DEOHS BS graduate Jack Larsen acknowledges the applause at the DEOHS graduation celebration. Photo: Veronica Brace.



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