On the job | Scyler Li

A young woman wearing a lab coat and safety goggles stands in a University of Washington laboratory.

Scyler Li is one of 26 DEOHS students who spent their summers in workplaces across the United States getting hands-on work experience.

Promoting safe laboratory practices at the UW


Editor’s note: This is the final installment of our "On the Job" series featuring stories about the summer internship experiences of students in the UW Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences.

Scyler Li, BS, Environmental Health

Intern with: Environmental Health & Safety Department, University of Washington

I have enjoyed the opportunity to work independently and manage my own schedule this summer as an intern with the laboratory safety section of the Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Department at the University of Washington.

As part of my work on a project focusing on tools for lab safety, I have visited more than 500 labs on campus!

During my visits, I am responsible for delivering safety products such as gloves, glass disposal boxes, face shields and chemical aprons.

I also review lab caution signs for the EH&S lab safety award program and take photos for the department’s Lab Safety Dashboard, which allows lab personnel to see and compare safety ratings based on recent inspections.

In addition, I assist my EH&S colleagues in laboratory safety inspections on campus—a great opportunity to learn about the application of health and safety in lab settings and get a sneak peek into some of the cutting-edge research happening here.

This internship has definitely prepared me for my future career and taught me valuable communication skills for the workplace.


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