Zakary Reimann

Project title: Video exposure monitoring as a consultative tool in industrial hygiene

Degree: MS (Applied) | Program: Applied Occupational Hygiene (App OH) | Project type: Project
Completed in: 2019 | Faculty advisor: Martin A. Cohen


Video Exposure Monitoring (VEM) is an underutilized tool within the field of industrial hygiene. In the past four decades there have been several systems developed for VEM around the world. Technology continues to evolve and there are new opportunities for VEM. Newer software and equipment are improving and modernizing VEM to make it more available for practicing industrial hygienists. This project outlines a system for easier implementation of VEM, detailing a process for video recording, sampling, and integration of the data and video streams. The final product from this system provides a visual way to communicate sampling findings and open more discussions with stakeholders. VEM has the potential to enhance the results of industrial hygiene assessments. The visual component provides insight into circumstances surrounding exposure and allows for further interpretation of data. Potential sources of exposure during very short-term activities as well as a better understanding of specific work tasks and processes are valuable to capture. Controls can be evaluated for effectiveness and area exposure mapping can be enhanced by the video recording. Throughout this project, these are some of the ways that VEM helped to enhance industrial hygiene sampling. Integrating VEM into industrial hygiene work will lead to more comprehensive sampling and provide insights that are otherwise undiscovered.