William E. Daniell, MD, MPH

Assistant Dean, School of Public Health
Associate Professor, Env. and Occ. Health Sciences (Primary department)
Bill Daniell is an environmental and occupational health physician and epidemiologist, with board certification in occupational and environmental medicine and in internal medicine. His major interests have evolved in new directions in recent years, with an increasing focus on environmental and occupational health problems in Southeast Asia, particularly Cambodia.

Contact Information

University of Washington
Box: 357234
1959 NE Pacific Street
Seattle, WA 98195-
Tel: 206-685-3160

Research Interests

  • Environmental and occupational health problems in Southeast Asia, workplace noise exposure and noise-induced hearing loss
  • KEYWORDS: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Community based participatory action research, Drinking water, Global occupational health, Hearing loss (noise-induced), Multiple chemical sensitivity, Nervous system toxicity, Noise, Occupational and environmental medicine, Occupational disease statistics, Occupational and environmental epidemiology, Occupational exposure, Repetitive motion disorders, Solvents (toxicology & health effects), Workers' compensation issues contaminants.

Teaching interests

Graduate Program Coordinator

Environmental and occupational health for students in other public health disciplines (ENV H 511).

Global environmental health (new course)


MD, Medicine, Tufts University, 1979
MPH, Occupational Medicine, University of Washington, 1986


Fogarty International Scholars in Occupational & Environmental Health (M Keifer, PI; Daniell, co-PI)
The major goal of this project is to provide Occupational & Environmental Medicine research and training opportunities to physicians and scientists in Southeast Asia.
Third International Scientific Conference on Occupational and Environmental Health. (NIOSH; M Keifer, PI; Daniell, co-PI)
This grant supports the third offering of this international conference, scheduled to occur in October 2008 in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Effectiveness training and reinforcement on HPD use among construction workers. (NIOSH; N Seixas, PI; Daniell, investigator)
This study is designed to assess the effectiveness of three interventions on hearing protector use: a standard hearing conservation training session, use of a novel personal noise level indicator, and follow-up reinforcement training.
Selected Publications

Student-initiated projects

Turnberg W,* Daniell W, Simpson T, van Buren J, Seixas N, Lipkin E, Duchin J. Personal and worksite characteristics related to healthcare workers’ reported use of respiratory infection control measures in ambulatory healthcare settings. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol [in press].

Terrio JD,* Weg AL,* Cook JE, Kaufman JD, Daniell WE. The influence of pre-existing medical conditions and branch assignment on early medical disability in Army officers. Mil Med [in press].

Turnberg W,* Daniell W, Seixas N, Simpson T, Van Buren J, Lipkin E, Duchin J. Appraisal of recommended respiratory infection control practices in primary care and emergency department settings. Am J Infect Control 2008; 36:268-75.

Thepaksorn P,* Daniell WE, Padungtod C, Keifer MC. Occupational Accidents and Injuries in Thailand. Int J Env Occup Health 2007; 13:290-4.

Maxfield M,* Daniell WE, Treser CD, van der Slice J. An evaluation of treated effluent quality of aerobic residential on-site sewage systems. J Environ Health 2003; 66:14-19.

Wetter DC,* Daniell WE, Treser CD. Hospital emergency department preparedness for victims of terrorist incidents involving chemical or biological weapons. Am J Public Health 2001; 91:710-716.

* Graduate student or resident/fellow; primary or majority mentorship by Daniell

Noise exposure and hearing loss

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Solvent and pesticide health effects

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Multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome and related subjects

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Other subjects

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