Christopher Gill, PhD

Affiliate Professor, Env. and Occ. Health Sciences (Primary department)
I have always been fascinated by mass spectrometry and its use as a powerful and sensitive method for chemical measurement and identification. My research interests have always been aimed at direct chemical measurements of trace analytes in complicated, real samples. Early work focused on a number of strategies including laser microsampling and multiphoton ionization approaches, often with quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometers, but for well over a decade, the use of semipermeable membrane sampling interfaces with mass spectrometric and other detection strategies has dominated our group’s research. I am an instrumental analytical mass spectrometrist, and the satisfaction of bringing together new technologies to solve difficult chemical measurement challenges is very rewarding.

Our group was an early pioneer in the ‘lab-to-the-field’ revolution occurring in the area of environmental mass spectrometry, utilizing a number of in-house constructed membrane introduction mass spectrometry (MIMS) systems in a variety of vehicles, allowing spatial and temporal mapping of multiple trace contaminants in the atmosphere. We are currently completing construction of a $1M mobile laboratory (CFI Funded) capable of making real time chemical measurements in both air and water, in the field, providing cloud accessible, quantitative data directly at the time of measurement via the internet. Current research directions include the miniaturization of MIMS systems as well as the logical extension of MIMS and other MS based technologies into the realm of real time bio-analytical measurements. Although situated at a small, predominately undergraduate institution, located on beautiful Vancouver Island, our research has global impact. The AERL facilities are well equipped, with a wide range of mass spectrometry systems for both fundamental and applied research. We have broad international collaboration networks, including projects with researchers in Canada, the United States, Germany and Italy. Funding for our research comes from NSERC, CFI and BCKDF as well as other local, national and international sources.

Research Interests

  • Instrumentation Development
    Analytical Mass Spectrometry
    Direct, Real-Time, Chemical Measurements
    Environmental Monitoring
    Mobile Instrumentation

Teaching interests

Analytical Chemistry
Mass Spectrometry


PhD, Analytical Chemistry, University of British Columbia (Canada), 1994
BSc, Chemistry, Acadia University, 1988


1. Development of on-line, direct analysis strategies for complex samples using Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry (MIMS)
2. Miniaturized, mobilized and field-portable mass spectrometric systems
3. Mobile environmental monitoring and pollutant mapping
4. Novel bioanalytical strategies for small molecules in small samples
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