Will Bond: Protecting Amazon Workers

Will Bond: Protecting Amazon Workers

Current Job: Occupational Safety Specialist at Amazon.com Fulfillment
Degree: BS Environmental Health, Minor Chemistry
Year graduated: 2012
Faculty Advisor: Janice Camp

Describe your job:
I manage the occupational safety and health program for one of Amazon.com's distribution centers in Arizona.

What do you find interesting or exciting about your job?
I am able to improve the work environment for hundreds of employees and reduce on-the-job injuries. I try to incorporate ergonomic design principles to reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

Describe the path you took from UW to your present job:
I got an internship with the Amazon Fresh unit, which was having a serious uptick in injuries among drivers.

How did your experience at DEOHS prepare you for this position?
The undergraduate program prepared me to go straight into the workforce. It taught me most to think critically and gave me the tools for continuing my education on the job.

What was the most valuable thing you learned at DEOHS?
DEOHS taught me the importance of teamwork. When it comes to the safety of others, nobody has all the answers.

What advice would you have for students currently enrolled in the department?
Environmental health is an immense field. You may find your passion in something surprising. Most importantly, take your internship seriously, because it may set you up later on.

What opportunities exist in your sector for new graduates?
Not many fields are growing in this economy but there will always be a need for well-trained, enthusiastic occupational safety professionals.