Jeremy J Hess, MD, MPH

Associate Professor, Medicine - Emergency Medicine (Primary department)
Associate Professor, Env. and Occ. Health Sciences
Associate Professor, Global Health
Dr. Hess is Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Associate Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences. He has an MD and an MPH in global environmental health and is residency trained and board certified in emergency medicine. He is the principal investigator of an NIH-funded grant supporting work in India on the epidemiology of extreme heat and strategies for developing, implementing, and evaluating heat early warning systems. He is a member of the Center for Health and the Global Environment (CHanGE) at UW. Dr. Hess is also a consultant for the Climate and Health Program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where he works as a medical advisor on the health effects of climate change and evidence-based interventions to enhance preparedness and promote climate change adaptation at the state and federal levels. He is a section editor at the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine and a recipient of the Presidential GreenGov award.

Contact Information

Office: Suite 2330
Box: 354695
4225 Roosevelt Way NE #100
Seattle, WA 98105-
Tel: 206-685-3443

Research Interests

  • Climate change health impacts. Health care disaster risk management. Public health adaptation to climate change. Evidence-based public health. Early warning systems. Health effects of heat exposure. Health care operations.

Teaching interests

Health impacts of climate change, health benefits of climate change mitigation, and climate change risk reduction and risk management in public health and health care

I will be co-teaching GH 590 with Dr. Kris Ebi in the winter quarter of 2016 and am developing additional course offerings related to climate change and health.


MD, Medicine, Emory University, 2003
MPH, Public Health, Emory University, 2002


Heat epidemiology in South Asia
Development and evaluation of heat early warning systems and heat action plans
Health department preparation
Development of the evidence base for climate change adaptation in public health
Selected Publications

Hodges M, Belle J, Carlton E, Liang S, Li H, Luo W, Freeman M, Liu Y, Gao Y, Hess J, Remais J. Delays reducing waterborne and water-related infectious diseases in China under climate change. Nature Climate Change 2014; 4: 1109–1115; doi:10.1038/nclimate2428.

Hess JJ, Eidson M, Tlumak JE, Raab KK, Luber G. An Evidence-Based Public Health Approach to Climate Change Adaptation. Environmental Health Perspectives;  122:1177–1186.

Hess JJ, Saha S, Luber G.  Summertime Heat Illness in US Emergency Departments from 2006 through 2010: Analysis of a Nationally Representative Sample. Environmental Health Perspectives, 122:1209–1215.

Azhar GS, Mavalankar D, Nori-Sarma A, Rajiva A, Dutta P, Sheffield P, Knowlton K, Hess JJ, for the Ahmedabad Heat and Climate Study Group.  Heat-related mortality in India: Excess all-cause mortality associated with the 2010 Ahmedabad heat wave.  PLoS ONE  -Public Library of Science ONE 2014; 9(3): e91831. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0091831.

Gingold DB, Strickland MJ, Hess JJCiguatera fish poisoning and climate change: analysis of national poison center data in the United States 2001-2011.  Environmental Health Perspectives 122:580-586.

Hess JJ, McDowell JZ, Luber G.  Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Public Health Practice: Using Adaptive Management to Increase Adaptive Capacity and Build Resilience.  Environmental Health Perspectives 2012, 120(2): 171–179.  doi: 10.1289/ehp.1103515: 2011.  

Stone B, Hess J, Frumkin H.  Urban Form and Extreme Heat Events: Are Sprawling Cities more Vulnerable to Climate Change than Compact Cities? Environmental Health Perspectives 2010  118: 1425–1428, doi: 10.1289/ehp.0901879: 2010.

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