Student Research: Jannette Jepkoech Kibogy

, Industrial Hygiene (IH), 2008
Faculty Advisor:

Assessment of Chlorpyrifos Exposure in Agricultural Workers During Airblast Applications


The use of organophosphorus (OP) pesticides has been consistently high in the agricultural sector in the United States. the high use, ease in dermal absorption and the potential for cholinesterase inhibition make OP pesticides a necessary target for frequent exposure assessment. This study deals with exposure assessment of chlorpyrifos among pesticide handlers and non-handlers during airblast applications. Our main aims were to characterize pesticide exposure, investigate the relationship between urine metabolite concentrations and cholinesterase depression as well as PON1 status.

Biomonitoring of pesticide exposure is a common exposure assessment method and most frequently involves measuring pesticide metabolites in urine. In addition to urinary metabolite measurements, cholinesterase measurement is a growing biomonitoring process and provides a means of assessing the body's physical response to OP pesticide exposure. Despite the fact that both biomonitoring processes are commonly used and measure well recognized biomarkers of OP pesticide exposure and effect, very few studies have looked at the relationship between these two biomarkers so as to further understand OP pesticide exposure and potential health effects.

Taken from the beginning of thesis.