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NIH Awards 4.7 Million to UW

A research team in the department received a $4.7 million grant to support their study investigating stress, air pollution, and child development. The project is part of a new seven-year initiative from the National Institutes of Health called Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes.

UW Teams with Westat to Expand Access to Children's Health Data and Lab Resources

Elaine Faustman is among the team that was awarded $5 million dollars over the next four years to expand the number of studies that look at environmental exposures in research on children's health and development.

Reducing School Bus Pollution Improves Children’s Health

Use of clean fuels and updated pollution control measures in the school buses that 25 million children ride every day could result in 14 million fewer absences from school a year, based on a study by the University of Michigan and the University of Washington.

Jet Noise and Child Health

Samantha Serrano found considerable evidence that jet noise negatively impacts children’s health. She and others from the Northwest Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit offered recommendations to Whidbey Island community residents affected by Navy jet pilots practicing “touch and go” procedures.
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