climate change

Climate Change Policies Can Also Benefit Health

Leading experts in climate change research gathered in September at the University of Washington to discuss policies and technologies that could not only reduce greenhouse emissions but also promote human health and well-being.

Kristie Ebi Says Paris Climate Talks a Big Deal for Health

Kristie Ebi has attended United Nations climate-change conferences since 2000. The agreement reached at the Paris conference in December, she said, was nothing short of monumental.

UW Report Describes Future Climate Change Impact on Puget Sound Area

A new report synthesizes relevant research about the future of the Puget Sound region and what to expect in the coming decades, and how best to prepare. Lecturer Tania Busch Isaksen is one of the authors.

New Center for Health and the Global Environment

The new Center for Health and the Global Environment directed by Kristie Ebi is devoted to developing and promoting innovative approaches to understanding and managing the impact of global environmental change on human health.

Study Finds Hot, Humid Days in King County Increase Risk of Hospitalization and Death

Western Washington is known for moderate summer temperatures, but two just-published studies make clear the peril of King County's hottest days.
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