Michael Yost

From the Chair, 2017, Issue #1

Department Chair Michael Yost talks about our department's 70th anniversary and the priority funds that support our students.

From the Chair, 2016, Issue #3

Michael Yost talks about our department's investment in population health.

From the Chair, 2016, Issue #1

Michael Yost, department chair, talks about how our department is helping create safer workplaces.

Passive Sampling Method Increases Range for Detecting Airborne Pesticides

A major obstacle to comprehensively detecting airborne pesticides in the environment is that traditional sampling devices are only able to monitor limited areas. Now, a method to passively sample the air for pesticides has been developed.

From the Chair, Winter 2015

A message from Michael Yost, the Chair of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, on contributing to a safer, more sustainable future.

Our Department's New Chair: Michael Yost

A long-time Exposure Science faculty member is the department's new Chair. He believes DEOHS, with its multidisciplinary faculty and systems-level approach, is well-positioned to address the complex environmental and occupational health issues that workplaces and the public face.
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