occupational health

Hot Weather Increases Risk of Agricultural Worker Injuries

A new study finds that warmer weather is related to an increase in traumatic injuries for outdoor agricultural workers in central and eastern Washington.

Hands-on Hazards Class a Blast for Students

A class in the department helps students recognize potential health and safety hazards in industries through visits to industrial sites or workplaces.

Sexual Assault: A Dark Danger for Women in the Fields

Sexual harassment is an occupational health risk for women in the agricultural industry, a fact long known in the fields, and recently confirmed by a UW study. A radio drama based on stories from women who participated in the study aims to raise public awareness of the problem and workers’ rights. It is currently airing in Spanish on Radio KDNA.

Speeded-Up Work: Janitors at Risk

Commercial janitors are low wage, often immigrant workers who face significant risks at work. Professor Noah Seixas and his team recently completed the nation’s first study to evaluate how recent speed-ups in work have affected janitors’ health.

Return-to-Work Training Builds Supervisor Confidence

In about the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, a difficult task might become easier for healthcare supervisors at Harborview Medical Center. A newly developed 15-minute training module can help them manage workplace injuries and get employees back on the job quickly and safely.
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