EPA STAR Grantee Designs Framework to Prioritize Chemicals of Concern to Children

Under the Children’s Safe Products Act, tens of thousands of reports are filed by manufacturers. A framework developed by one of our PhD students can help regulators tease out information to support future regulatory action.

Veritox President Is Long-Time Department Supporter

Bruce Kelman’s Redmond-based international consulting company, Veritox, takes its name from veritas, the Latin word for “truth.” He founded the company in 1998, and has been connected to the department even longer.

Mechanism of Brain Toxicity Revealed for Flame Retardant BDE-47

A new breakthrough from a UW team explains how BDE-47 exerts its toxic effects.

New UW Predictive Toxicology Center to Use Novel Method to Screen Chemicals

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will provide $6 million in seed funding for a Predictive Toxicology Center, enabling UW researchers to develop more accurate in vitro models – organ-mimicking cell cultures – to test chemicals for their potential risk to humans and to help accelerate the evaluation of large numbers of chemicals.

Downstream Effects of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products on Fish: An Ecotoxicological Investigation

Chemicals in shampoo, toothpaste, and medicines are being detected in surface waters and fish nationwide, fueling suspicion that these chemicals may be causing ecological harm. UW researchers are investigating the presence and effects of these chemicals in south Puget Sound.

Faculty Focus: David Eaton

Professor David Eaton won the 2014 Public Communications Award from the Society of Toxicology.
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