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MS (Thesis) with an area of emphasis in Environmental Toxicology (Tox)

This is a A 21-month, research-based degree program for students who want specialized training in the practice of environmental public health, environmental toxicology, exposure science, infectious diseases, occupational hygiene, One Health or our customizable general track. Learn how chemicals affect human health and the environment, applying principles of biology, chemistry, and epidemiology.

Other degrees and areas of emphasis to consider:

MS (Applied) with an area of emphasis in Environmental Public Health (EPH)

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Two kids bike and one kid walks through flood water with a yellow shuttered building in the background.

Climate change sounds ‘code red’ for health

Climate crisis gravely threatens human health, according to new Lancet Countdown report coauthored by DEOHS researchers

A mid adult Asian couple standing at a kitchen counter in their home, they are preparing a salad for lunch together. The man is preparing lettuce leaves while holding his young son in his arms. His pregnant wife is grating carrots next to him.

How a key nutritional program adapted to the pandemic

Washington’s WIC nutritional support program served more families by increasing remote access, new UW-WIC study shows

Woman in a climbing harness with rope stands on a mountain peak with mountains and snow in the background.

Finding community outdoors

DEOHS PhD student Amber Khan launches new group breaking down barriers to mountain adventure for UW students of color


Student Research

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Jongpyo Joe Lim

Acute and persistent effects from environmental toxicant exposure on the gut-liver axis

MS (Thesis) | Environmental Toxicology (Tox)
2020 | Yue Cui

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Teresa Schlanser

Compassion fatigue in lab animal medicine

MPH | One Health (ONE)
2020 | Peter Rabinowitz

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