Calvin Terada

Calvin Terada

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BS, Environmental Health (EH)

Calvin Terada earned his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health in 1994 and now works as Director of the Superfund & Emergency Management Division of U.S. EPA Region 10.

About My Career Journey
My career journey has been very fortunate in that my undergraduate internship turned into a lasting career with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Region 10 in Seattle, Washington. Upon graduation from the UW (1994), EPA offered me a permanent position in the Seattle regional office and I rose up the ranks to my current role as the Director for the region's Superfund and Emergency Management Division. I credit my undergraduate advisor (Chuck Treser) and my professors for encouraging me to reach high for my career opportunities.

How My Degree Prepared Me
The mixture of the types and topics of course taken, professors and lecturers sharing their practical knowledge, and the requirement to seek out internship opportunities, all served as a perfect foundation for me to start my career. 

My Favorite Part of My Job
The most interesting part of being a senior leader in an organization is the ability to shape how programs are implemented, help train and inspire new leaders, and find opportunities to give back to share the experience gained over a nearly three-decade career. 

My Advice for Students
Develop a strong network, invest in yourself by honing one's skills, and never give up!