Graduate Student Research, Projects and Practica

The following lists detail the research project conducted by students who graduated with a degree in Master of Science (MS), Master of Public Health (MPH), Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH, last offered 1987), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

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Year Graduate Degree Program Project Title Faculty Advisor Project Type
2018 Seth G. McGrew MS Environmental Health (EH) New Insights from a Study of Chlorpyrifos Toxicology in Humans Elizabeth Sheppard Thesis/Dissertation
2018 Meagan Jackson MS Environmental Health (EH) Field Effectiveness of Ultraviolet Disinfection in Onsite Wastewater Treatment Tania M Busch Isaksen Thesis/Dissertation
2017 Elena Jaffer MS Environmental Health (EH) Enteric Virus Surveillance and Microbial Source Tracking in Fresh and Marine Waters of the Seattle Area John Meschke Thesis/Dissertation
2017 Aubrey DeVine MS Environmental Health (EH) Spatial Analysis of Emergency Medical Service Calls and Extreme Heat in King County, WA Tania M Busch Isaksen Thesis/Dissertation
2017 Jill Falman MS Environmental Health (EH) Poliovirus and rotavirus detection in water: evaluating and applying environmental surveillance methods Thesis/Dissertation
2016 Jenny Lohmiller MS Environmental Health (EH) Non-invasive diagnosis of pediatric tuberculosis Thesis/Dissertation
2015 Julia Marks MS Environmental Health (EH) Quantifying Chemical Transfer from Fabric to Skin Thesis/Dissertation
2015 Trevor Peckham MS Environmental Health (EH) Dermal Absorption of Benzo[a]pyrene From Soil: Assessment of Flux and Application to Risk Assessment of Contaminated Sites Thesis/Dissertation
2015 Jonathan Nagata MS Environmental Health (EH) Comparing Apples to Apples: Developing Tools to Evaluate the Risk of Illness Due to Microbial Contamination of Tree Fruit Thesis/Dissertation
2015 Jessica Levasseur MS Environmental Health (EH) Performance Evaluation of a Beta Version of USEPA’s SHEDS-HT Chemical Exposure Model Thesis/Dissertation
2015 Julia Weicheld MS Environmental Health (EH) Impact of Environmental Factors on Mosquito Populations and Distribution in King County, WA Thesis/Dissertation
2015 Vivian Tran MS Environmental Health (EH) Hand Massage as a Sponge Processing Method to Characterize Microbes in the Bullitt Center Thesis/Dissertation
2014 Rachel Wood MS Environmental Health (EH) Oral Swab PCR as an Alternative to Sputum-based Methods for Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Thesis/Dissertation
2014 Tyler Nicholas MS Environmental Health (EH) Contribution of the In-Vehicle Microenvironment to Individual Ambient Source-Derived NO2 Exposure Concentration Thesis/Dissertation
2013 Amy Leang MS Environmental Health (EH) Survey of E. coli and Salmonella Prevalence on Seattle Farmers Markets Produce John Meschke Thesis/Dissertation
2013 Samantha Serrano MS Environmental Health (EH) Dietary Phthalate Exposure in Pregnant Women Thesis/Dissertation
2012 Scott Pease MS Environmental Health (EH) An Analysis of Viral Metagenomes in Acetate-fed Anaerobic Reactors Thesis/Dissertation
2012 Jesse Billingham MS Environmental Health (EH) Public Health Risk Associated with Recreational Exposure to the Algal Toxin Microcystin in Western Washington Lakes Thesis/Dissertation
2012 Elizabeth Cooper MS Environmental Health (EH) Toward an Understanding of Children’s Exposure to Semi- Volatile Organic Compounds in the Indoor Environment Thesis/Dissertation
2011 Elizabeth Kilcline MS Environmental Health (EH) Characterization of Dermal Absorption Following Decontamination via Washing John C. Kissel Thesis/Dissertation
2011 Emily Edens MS Environmental Health (EH) Distribution and Characterization of the Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Three Seattle Area Beaches Marilyn C. Roberts Thesis/Dissertation
2011 Amelia Greenhall MS Environmental Health (EH) Assessment of Children's Non-Dietary Indoor Exposure to a Phthalate Found in Floor Tile John C. Kissel Thesis/Dissertation
2010 Kelly Jones MS Environmental Health (EH) Development of a Strand-Specific Method to Detect Infectious Human Enterovirus-b (HEV-B) Species in Environmental Samples Thesis/Dissertation
2010 Eileen Wong MPH Environmental Health (EH) Removal of Mycobacterium avium Complex from Drinking Water by a Physico-chemical Process (Coagulation/Flocculation/Sedimentation) Thesis/Dissertation
2010 Carolyn Bergstrom MS Environmental Health (EH) Particle Size Distributions, Size Concentration Relationships, and Adherence to Hands of Selected Geologic Media Derived from Mining, Smelting, and Quarrying Activities John C. Kissel Thesis/Dissertation
2010 Alexander Domesle MS Environmental Health (EH) Investigation of Chemical Uptake at Low Loads on Skin John C. Kissel Thesis/Dissertation
2010 Jason Faulkenberry MS Environmental Health (EH) Inactivation of Human Adenovirus by Sequential Disinfection with UV irradiation and Monochloramine Thesis/Dissertation
2009 Christina Rohlik MS Environmental Health (EH) Characterization of Bioaerosols and Bacterial Surface Contamination at a Large Washington Dairy Operation John Meschke Thesis/Dissertation
2009 Hamilton Bennett MS Environmental Health (EH) Characterization of a Novel Electropositive Filter for the Concentration of Viruses from Deionized and Simulated Marine Water Thesis/Dissertation
2009 Timothy L. Carter MS Environmental Health (EH) Particle Size Distribution and Bioavailability of Chromium VI Compounds in Electroplating and Spray-Painting Thesis/Dissertation
2009 Laurel Jennings MS Environmental Health (EH) An Investigation of Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) in Puget  Sound Shellfish Thesis/Dissertation
2008 Kelly Lee Stumbaugh MS Environmental Health (EH) Estimation of Skin Permeability of Aqueous Chloroform from Human in vivo Trials and Relative Contribution of Dermal Absorption to Multi-route Exposure to Chloroform in Drinking Water Thesis/Dissertation
2008 Lesley A. Leggett MS Environmental Health (EH) Inactivation of Human Adenovirus Type 2 by Sequential Disinfection with UV Irradiation and Free Chlorine Thesis/Dissertation
2008 Jennifer K. Parker MS Environmental Health (EH) Whole Genome Amplification as a Pre-PCR Step to Improve Detection of Pathogens in Drinking Water Thesis/Dissertation
2008 Melissa R. Winters MS Environmental Health (EH) The Washington Aerial Spray Drift Study: A Comparison of Children's Inhalation Exposures to Methamidophos Estimated Using Diary and Personalized Global Positioning System Data Thesis/Dissertation
2008 Clarita Lefthand MS Environmental Health (EH) Detection of F+ RNA Coliphage and Bacteroides 16s rRNA Gene in Tulalip Bay John Meschke Thesis/Dissertation
2007 Alison Scherer MS Environmental Health (EH) Fish Consumption Risk Communication: A Comparative Analysis of Fish Consumption Advisories to Pregnant Women and Women of Childbearing Age Elaine M. Faustman Thesis/Dissertation
2007 Yolanda Sanchez MS Environmental Health (EH) Temporal Patterns of Asthma Hospitalizations in the Yakima Valley Community of Washington Thesis/Dissertation
2007 Lisa Tolbert MS Environmental Health (EH) Ambient Concentrations of Organophosphorus Pesticides Caused by Volatilization During Seasonal Pesticide Application Thesis/Dissertation
2007 Michael Paulsen MS Environmental Health (EH) Measurement of Diesel Exhaust Biomarkers of Exposure by HPLC/MS/MS and GC/MS Thesis/Dissertation
2007 Leah D. Tivoli MS Environmental Health (EH) Clostridium perfringens: A Reservoir of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in the Environment? Thesis/Dissertation
2006 Joseph (Jay) Smith III MS Environmental Health (EH) Reconciliation of Aggregate Probabilistic Exposure Model Predictions with Observed Biomarkers: A Case Study Using Data from the CTEPP Child Cohorts Thesis/Dissertation
2006 Laura McLaughlin MS Environmental Health (EH) Chlorine and UV-Disinfection as Drinking Water Treatment Options for Rural Areas of Less Developed Countries Thesis/Dissertation
2006 John Schultz MS Environmental Health (EH) Pathogen Prevalence and Antibiotic Resistance in Ready-to-Eat Food Products Thesis/Dissertation
2006 Whitney Webber MS Environmental Health (EH) Comparison of Methods to Estimate On-bus Pollution from Diesel School Buses - A Pilot Study Thesis/Dissertation
2005 Heather Barr MS Environmental Health (EH) Characterizing the Performance of the 'Smart' Tripod Orchard Ladder Thesis/Dissertation
2005 Kristin Cunningham MS Environmental Health (EH) Disinfection of Pathogens on Environmental Surfaces by Spray Application of a Disinfectant Thesis/Dissertation
2004 Heather Bost MS Environmental Health (EH) A Comparison of West Nile Virus Vector Mosquito Populations in Sites With and Without Storm Water Drainage Ponds Thesis/Dissertation
2004 Michael Compher MS Environmental Health (EH) Children's Exposure to Diesel Exhaust from School Buses with Different Diesel Engines – A Pilot Study Thesis/Dissertation
2004 Nicola Koren Josephs MS Environmental Health (EH) An Evaluation of the Utility of F+RNA Coliphage for Source Tracking Pathogens in Environmental Waters Thesis/Dissertation
2004 Anayi Norman MS Environmental Health (EH) Use of PBPK Models to Characterize Dermal Absorption of Volatile Organic Compounds from Water John C. Kissel Thesis/Dissertation
2004 Marley Shoaf MS Environmental Health (EH) Dermal Exposure to Sediment: Field Measurement of Sediment Loadings and Unresolved Issues in Exposure Assessment Thesis/Dissertation
2004 Kathryn Ann Toepel MS Environmental Health (EH) Determination of the Dietary Contribution to Pesticide Exposure in Suburban Children Thesis/Dissertation
2003 Katherine Himes MS Environmental Health (EH) Investigation of Orchard Proximity Effect on Organophosphorous Pesticide Exposures Among Agricultural Workers and Their Families Thesis/Dissertation
2003 Iyad Kheirbek MS Environmental Health (EH) Development of Passive Sampler to Detect Six Aldehydes Thesis/Dissertation
1975 Dennis Bulman MS Environmental Health (EH) Bacteriological Water Quality of Quartermaster Harbor, Vashon Island Thesis/Dissertation