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Dawn Marie Ryan

Characterization of Whole Body Vibration Exposures in Neonatal Ground Transport

PhD | Environmental and Occupational Hygiene (EOHY)
2018 | Peter W. Johnson

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Kate Hutton McConnell

Linking Human and Animal Notifiable Zoonotic Disease Data in Washington State

MPH | Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH)
2018 | Peter Rabinowitz

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Eric V. Barton, MD

An Analysis of the Association Between Obesity and Work Productivity Impairment Among King County Workers

MPH | Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM)
2017 | Sverre Vedal

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Ryan Patrick Blood

Improving Ergonomic Interventions to Reduce Whole-Body Vibration Exposures among Professional Drivers

MS | Occupational & Environmental Exposure Sciences (OEES) - no longer offered
2008 | Michael G. Yost

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