This is an exciting time to pursue a career in environmental and occupational health.


Because of:

  • increased awareness of physical, biological and chemical hazards in our world
  • greater knowledge of their potential effects on human health-especially the health of children
  • more emphasis on personal and worker safety

This career can provide:

  • An opportunity to make a significant contribution to society
  • A highly competitive salary
  • Professional advancement in research, management, academia, practice or policy development


Students and Alumni


Our Career Services can help your hiring efforts by hosting on-campus information sessions, posting applications, screening resumes, arranging on-campus interviews, and other networking opportunities. Please contact Career Services Manager Hayley Leventhal to get started. 

Job titles of our graduates

associate professor, environmental & occupational healthepidemiologistpresident, consulting firm
bioenvironmental engineerfamily practice physicianpublic health advisor
chair, department of epidemiology & biostatisticshealth and safety management specialistpublic health service officer
chair, department of family & preventive medicinehealth and safety officerpulmonary specialist
chief, risk assessment sectionhealth service officerresearch ergonomist
chief of operational medicineindoor air program coordinatorresearch scientist
clinical instructor, pulmonary & critical care medicineindustrial hygienistregional director of safety & health
clinical cancer researchlegislative economistremedial project manager
compliance analystloss control consultantresearch ergonomist
director, executive health programmanager, safety and operations trainingrisk assessor
director, occupational safety & health programmanager, site assessment sectionsanitarian
director, tribal health servicesmedical directorsenior director of regulatory affairs
educational outreach manageroccupational health and safety supervisorstaff scientist
emergency preparedness section supervisoroccupational health physiciansenior medical officer
environmental health and safety directoroutreach program managertechnical services section manager
environmental health education program managerpatent attorneytoxicologist
environmental health directorpediatricianvice president, environmental health & safety
environmental health specialistpharmacologist/toxicologistwater quality specialist