This is an exciting time to pursue a career in environmental and occupational health.


  • increased awareness of physical, biological and chemical hazards in our world
  • greater knowledge of their potential effects on human health-especially the health of children
  • more emphasis on personal and worker safety

This career can provide:

  • An opportunity to make a significant contribution to society;
  • a highly competitive salary,
  • and professional advancement in research, management, academia, practice or policy development


Our Undergraduate Program

Many Environmental Health majors go directly into career level positions after graduation.  We have alumni working in environmental health-related agencies of the federal government, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  We also have alumni working at county and state level agencies, such as Public Health Seattle King County, Tacoma Pierce County Public Health Department, and the Washington State Department of Health.

Other alumni go into the private sector, working for environmental consulting firms and biotech companies such as RGA Environmental, Fremont Analytical, and IEH Laboratories.  Another career pathway for many alumni is occupational safety; they are working for companies including Amazon and Boeing.

Alumni consistently report that experience and skills they gained through the 400 hour required internship were essential to landing their first job.  Usually taking place during the summer, these paid and non-paid training positions provide students with invaluable connections to careers after graduation.
   *students and alumni looking for current openings should use consult their student Portal and Job Openings In the Field pages.

The Environmental Health curriculum also provides good preparation for students who wish to go to onto professional programs such as medical school and pharmacy. The required supporting science courses and electives overlap with the admission pre-requisites for many medical schools, including the University of Washington.  Other students stay go on to pursue graduate degrees in field such as toxicology, exposure sciences, epidemiology and global health.

Our Undergraduate Alumni

Graduate School and Professional Programs

The Department offers doctoral, master of public health and master of science degrees. It also offers joint MS and MPH degrees with the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy and Governance Master of Public Administration or a joint MPH with the College of Built Environments' Department of Urban Design and Planning Master of Urban Planning

   *students and alumni looking for current openings should use consult their student Portal and Job Openings In the Field pages.

Our Graduate Alumni

  • Nancy Beck (1998) earned her PhD and MS in Environmental Toxicology and worked for ten years as a toxicologist and risk assessor before rising to Senior Director of Regulatory Policy for the American Chemistry Council.  
  • Chensheng (Alex) Lu (1996) earned a PhD in Industrial Hygiene & Safety and joined Harvard University’s T. H. Chan School of Public Health as an assistant professor of environmental exposure biology, where he investigates the effects of pesticides on humans and honeybees.
  • Kathy Himes Strange (2003) earned her MS in Environmental Health and works as a Technical Analysis Manager for the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
  • Jane Vaccaro (2016) talks about how her MPH-EOH with Specialized Training in Occupational & Environmental Health Nursing provided her with valuable emergency response experience.