Current SURE-EH Trainees

Gabino Junior Abarca is a junior in Public Health. He joined the program in June 2016 under the mentorship of Dr. June Spector, Assistant Professor in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences. Inspired by the work experiences of his parents and himself harvesting fruit, Gabino’s research investigates the association between heat exposure, volume/hydration status and kidney injury using data collected from orchard workers in Eastern Washington state. As a first generation college student and the son of immigrants, Gabino experienced some culture shock upon entering the UW. But his desire to earn a college degree combined with the support of his family have helped assure him that he was on the right path. Since that first quarter, he has also become a UW McNair Scholar and was profiled in a DEOHS News release in August 2016.

Arthur Aguilar (Coming Soon)

Janna Amaly (Coming Soon)

Karissa Crawford (Coming Soon)

Yasmin Everson is a junior in the Department of Environmental Health. She joined the program in September 2016 and works with faculty member Dr. Julia Cui, Assistant Professor in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences. Yasmin’s project will focus on understanding the relationship in gut microbiome to the ontogeny of drug-processing enzymes ontogeny in liver of germ-free mice. The goal of her study is to determine the developmental regulation of drug metabolizing enzymes using germ-free mice as a model system. Yasmin’s future aspiration is to become an Environmental Health Specialist. Currently, she works weekends at the YMCA in her hometown, and she has become active in the UW’s Peer Health Educators program.

Shamey Kassim (Coming Soon)

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