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DEOHS Chair Michael Yost says proposed rollback of vehicle emission standards threatens public health
August 9, 2018
| by Jolayne Houtz

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July 19, 2018 | by Jolayne Houtz
Hot tips from DEOHS to help outdoor workers stay healthy as temperatures rise

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July 19, 2018 | by Jolayne Houtz
UW study suggests domoic acid may affect maternal and fetal health at levels below government threshold

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July 12, 2018 | by Jolayne Houtz
Pioneering technique developed by DEOHS researchers illustrates pesticide contamination risks

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July 10, 2018 | by Amanda Pain
DEOHS alumnus invests in students with “fire in their bellies” who share his passion for health and the environment

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  • August 13, 2018 |
    KBCS Radio
    Unmute the commute: Senior health and public transit. DEOHS Affiliate Professor Andrew Dannenberg is quoted.
  • August 10, 2018 |
    Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health
    Washington researcher co-authors American Heart Association advisory on diet soda and health. DEOHS Associate Professor Jennifer Otten is quoted.
  • August 8, 2018 |
    Seattle Times
    Rollback of vehicle-emission standards threatens the health of vulnerable Washington residents. Op-ed by DEOHS Chair Michael Yost.