Graduate Student Research, Projects and Practica

This page provides a searchable database of culminating projects (theses, dissertations, practicums and projects) completed by students receiving graduate degrees from our department.

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Year Graduate Degree Degree Option Title Faculty Advisor Project Type
2018 Yanfei Le PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Gut-liver axis on biotransformation of environmental chemicals polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) Yue Cui Thesis/Dissertation
2018 Yu-Chi Chang PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Developmental Exposure to Diesel Exhaust Causes Autism-Like Behavioral, Molecular, and Cortical Structural Alterations Lucio G. Costa Thesis/Dissertation
2017 Andrew Yeh PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Modulation of mitochondrial function as an indicator for sublethal effects of contaminants of emerging concern Evan Gallagher Thesis/Dissertation
2017 Chistopher Schapp PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Plasticity of Antioxidant Defense Pathways in Response to Aging and Cadmium in Glutathione-Deficient Mice Terrance J. Kavanagh Thesis/Dissertation
2017 Ju Young Park PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Integration of Genetics, Environment, and Time (G x E x T) for Neurodevelopmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment Elaine M. Faustman Thesis/Dissertation
2016 Anna Engstrom PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Gene-environment interaction between adult lead exposure and Apolipoprotein E4 on adult hippocampal neurogensis and cognitive behavior in mice Zhengui Xia Thesis/Dissertation
2016 Ian Byrell Stanaway PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Longitudinal Analysis of Genetic and Environmental Data from an Agricultural Cohort Living in Yakima Valley Reveals an Agricultural Exposome Elaine M. Faustman Thesis/Dissertation
2016 Brittany A. Weldon PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Tarnished: The Toxic Potential of Silver Nanoparticles Elaine M. Faustman Thesis/Dissertation
2016 Shih-Yu Chang PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Development of a Liver-Kidney Dual Organ Microphysiological System for Predicting Organ-Organ Interactions in the Toxicity of Xenobiotics: Aristolochic Acid Nephrotoxicity as a proof of Principle David L. Eaton Thesis/Dissertation
2015 Sean M. Harris PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Incorporating Kinetic and Dynamic Factors in an In Vitro Model of Male Reproductive Development Elaine M. Faustman Thesis/Dissertation
2015 Megan Cartwright PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) The Modulation of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube-induced Acute Lung Pathology by Mouse Strain, Glutathione Status, and Nanotube Characteristics Terrance J. Kavanagh Thesis/Dissertation
2013 Daniella Pizzurro PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Effects of Diazinon and Diazoxon on Astrocyte-Neuronal Interactions: Inhibition of Neurite Outgrowth by Mechanisms of Oxidative Stress Lucio G. Costa Thesis/Dissertation
2013 Pamela Roque PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Modulation of the Astrocytic Influence on Synapse Structure and Function by Ethanol and Cholinergic Stimulation Lucio G. Costa Thesis/Dissertation
2012 Zachariah Guerrette PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Integrating Biomarkers of Organophosphate Pesticides in an Agriculturally Exposed Population Elaine M. Faustman Thesis/Dissertation
2012 Chad Weldy PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Inhalation of Diesel Exhaust (DE) and its Effects on Inflammation and Vascular Function; Investigating the Role of Oxidative Stress and Glutathione in DE-Mediated Effects Terrance J. Kavanagh Thesis/Dissertation
2012 Jesse Port PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Public Health Applications of Gene-Environment Interactions for Oceans and Human Health Elaine M. Faustman Thesis/Dissertation
2010 Jing Chen PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) The Upregulation of Cholesterol Transporters and Cholesterol Acceptor-mediated Cholesterol Efflux in Brain Cells as a Novel Mechanism of Developmental Neurotoxicity: Ethanol and Retinoic Acid Lucio G. Costa Thesis/Dissertation
2010 Kellie Fay PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Comparative Analysis of Short-term vs. Long-term Culture of Primary Mouse Hepatocytes for Modeling in vivo Responses to Toxicants Terrance J. Kavanagh Thesis/Dissertation
2010 Tao Lin PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Glutathione Modulates Amphilic Polymer-Coated CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dot-induced Pro-inflammatory Cytokine/Chemokine Expression Terrance J. Kavanagh Thesis/Dissertation
2010 Erin Peck PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) The Role of CYP1A Enzymes in Aristolohic Acid Toxicity and Mutagenicity: Clues to Mechanism and Disease David L. Eaton Thesis/Dissertation
2010 Emma-Jane Poulton PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) The Characterization of Sulforaphane as a Novel Antagonist to the Human Pregnane and Xenobiotic Receptor (PXR) David L. Eaton Thesis/Dissertation
2010 Heather Klintworth PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Molecular Mechanisms of Dopaminergic Neuron Death Zhengui Xia Thesis/Dissertation
2009 Tingting Li PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Coproporphyrinogen Oxidase (CPOX) Polymorphism in Human Mercury Neurotoxicity James S. Woods Thesis/Dissertation
2009 Kathryn VanDeMark PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Ethanol Inhibits Muscarinic Receptor-simulated Neuronal Differentiation and Signaling in Pyramidal Hippocampal Neurons Lucio G. Costa Thesis/Dissertation
2008 Beibei Cai PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) P38 MAP Kinase Pathway Regulates Apoptosis Through Phosphorylation and Up-regulation of bimEL Zhengui Xia Thesis/Dissertation
2008 Isaac Mohar PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Gender and Glutamate Cysteine Ligase Modifier Subunit Expression as Determinants of Acetaminophen-induced Liver Damage in Mice Terrance J. Kavanagh Thesis/Dissertation
2008 Nadia A. Moore PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Characterization of the Effect of Ethanol on Astrocyte-released Proteins Involved in Neuronal Development: Relevance to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Lucio G. Costa Thesis/Dissertation
2008 Lisa Marie Corey PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Cardiovascular Effects of Diesel Exhaust in a Mouse Model of Cardiovascular Disease Daniel L. Luchtel Thesis/Dissertation
2007 Xuefeng Ren PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Multiple Genetic Factors Contribute to the Differential Genetic Susceptibility of Copenhagen and Fischer 344 Rats to Mammary Carcinogenesis Helmut Zarbl Thesis/Dissertation
2007 Yupeng Wang PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Regulation and Function of BDNF-activated ERK5 and ERK½ MAP Kinases in CNS Neurons Zhengui Xia Thesis/Dissertation
2006 William Polk PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Role of Protein Kinase C Zeta in Lipopolysaccharide-Mediated Nuclear Factor kappa B Activation and Transcriptional Activity in Kidney Epithelial Cells James S. Woods Thesis/Dissertation
2006 Michael Garry PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Differential Response and Susceptibility to Oxidative Stress in Mouse Lung Fibroblasts Heterozygous for Phospholipid Hydroperoxide Glutathione Peroxidase (GPx4) Elaine M. Faustman Thesis/Dissertation
2006 Xun Zhang PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Genetic and Genomic Approaches to the Study of Progression in Mammary Carcinogenesis Thomas M. Burbacher Thesis/Dissertation
2006 Samir Kelada PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) 5' and 3' Region Variability in the Dopamine Transporter Gene (SLC6A3) and Parkinson's Disease Lucio G. Costa Thesis/Dissertation
2004 Shengli Shi PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Effects of Enhanced Glutathione Biosynthesis on Oxidative Stress-mediated Hepatocellular Injury and Gene Expression in Mice Terrance J. Kavanagh Thesis/Dissertation
2003 Erika Abel PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) The Functional Significance of Genetic Polymorphisms in Human Glutathione S-transferases David L. Eaton Thesis/Dissertation
2003 Jing Shao PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Association of Polymorphisms in the Glutamate Cysteine Ligase Catalytic Subunit Gene and Glutathione-S-transferase Gene with Fibrotic Lung Diseases Terrance J. Kavanagh Thesis/Dissertation
1999 Wan-Fen Li PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Development of a Mouse Model to Study the Role of Paraoxonase (PON1) in Organophosphate Detoxication Lucio G. Costa Thesis/Dissertation
1998 Therese Mar PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) The Effects of Physical Activity and Gender on the Toxicokinetics of Toluene in Human Volunteers David A Kalman Thesis/Dissertation
1997 Thomas McHugh PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Metabolism of Aflatoxin Epoxide by Glutathione S-transferase: New Insights into GST Function David L. Eaton Thesis/Dissertation
1997 Ying-Chung Ou PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Mechanisms of Methylmercury-Induced Toxicity in Primary Embryonic CNS cells - The Role of Cell Cycle Regulatory Genes and Glutathione Elaine M. Faustman Thesis/Dissertation
1996 Lynnda Reid PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Cloning, Sequencing, and Expression of Mouse Glutamate-Cysteine Ligase in Cultured Mammalian Cells: Effects on Resistance to Oxidative Stress Terrance J. Kavanagh Thesis/Dissertation
1996 Karen Sommer PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Identification and Characterization of Elements Regulating the Expression of the Phenobarbital-Inducible CYP2B1 and CYP2B2 Genes Curtis J. Omiecinski Thesis/Dissertation
1996 Marguerite Seeley PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Developmental Toxicity of Alkylating Agents in Differentiating Cell Cultures Elaine M. Faustman Thesis/Dissertation
1996 Sally Thompson PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Modulation of Glutathione Associated with Methylmercury Exposure in Mice Terrance J. Kavanagh Thesis/Dissertation
1995 Rafael Ponce PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Mechanisms of Methylmercury-Induced Developmental Neurotoxicity Mottet Thesis/Dissertation
1995 Kirk Van Ness PhD Environmental Toxicology (Tox) Analyses of Aflatoxin B1 8,9-epoxide Conjugation Activities in Glutathione S-transferase-Yc Isoenzymes David L. Eaton Thesis/Dissertation