Air quality curriculum for student-led research projects

air sensors

This air quality curriculum is intended for an informal learning environment. This curriculum was used in an after-school program with high school students mentored by undergraduate students. The program focused on preparing students to conduct their own research on particulate matter using low-cost sensors, with guidance from university researchers.

The curriculum has three main components:

1. Materials for conducting particulate matter research using low-cost sensors (Word document - same as component 3)

2. PowerPoint slides on air quality topics (PowerPoint document)

3. Experiential learning activities (Word document)

The material here uses the Purple Air and Dylos monitors, although this can easily be adapted for other low-cost particulate matter sensors. The curriculum content would likely be most effective when tailored to your local community.


This curriculum was developed as part of the Next Generation Sensors and Scientists (NextGenSS) grant (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency STAR Grant #RD83618501 Air Pollution Monitoring for Communities).