One-of-a-kind education

| Brianna Willis
Portrait of woman dressed in red, sitting in front of a brick wall.

Photo: Courtesy of Willis.

With help from mentors, a recent DEOHS alum created a customized educational experience

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My advice for incoming grad students: Use your master’s program to create the experience you want. You only have two years—make them yours, and make them count!

I came from an animal science background and wanted to also explore human health and the connections between them.

The MPH in One Health degree in DEOHS allowed me to customize my experience by focusing on animal and human health in the context of disaster preparedness.

Assistant Professor Nicole Errett became my mentor and thesis chair. With her support, I built a qualitative research study on the perceived occupational exposures and health impacts faced by disaster scientists and experts who responded to the 2019 earthquakes in Ridgecrest, CA.

Now I work as a senior research specialist in the Safety and Security division of CNA, a nonprofit research and analysis organization. I collaborate with governments and people around the world, bringing together my experience in public health, animal science and qualitative research.

My MPH provided the foundation for me to grow and create this mold for myself.


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