UW research showcase

May 24, 2019 | Jolayne Houtz
A group of students look at a research poster.

School of Public Health event features DEOHS undergraduate research on wildfire smoke, cannabis grow-ops and other public health issues

DEOHS student Kate Tokareva, an Environmental Health major, shares her research on surveillance of West Nile virus. Photo: Elizar Mercado.

Research led by Environmental Health majors in the UW Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences (DEOHS) was featured yesterday at the School of Public Health's Undergraduate Symposium.

The annual event showcases student research, internships and capstone experiences across the School’s undergraduate majors and minors.

The symposium highlights the breadth of research opportunities available to DEOHS undergraduate students, who complete a required 400-hour internship as part of their academic program.

Ten of the 31 research posters selected for the symposium were from DEOHS undergraduates.

As an applied science program, the Environmental Health major provides professional training and hands-on experience for the next generation of environmental public health practitioners, said Tania Busch Isaksen, DEOHS lecturer and undergraduate program coordinator.

DEOHS student Veda Ting presented her research on wildfire smoke education. Photo: Elizar Mercado.

DEOHS student presenters:

Mariah Dittmore: Using Low Cost Air Monitoring Sensors to Study and Analyze VOC Exposure Levels in Cannabis Grow-Ops

Amanda Durkin: Establishing an Air Monitoring Network in the Methow Valley

Katelyn Kern: N95 Mask Distribution Effectiveness in Okanogan County

Justine Marecaux and Darcy Van Deventer: Wildfire Smoke Risk Communication Efficacy: Using the Extended Parallel Process Model to Summarize Washington State’s 2018 Statewide Smoke Event Public Health Messaging

Suhani Patel, Margarita Ankoudinova, Shelby Cansler, Veronica James and Audrey Immel: Wastewater Intervention Approaches for Earthquake Disaster Response: An Integrated Literature Review to Inform Future Response Efforts for Washington State

Silvia Rus: Arsenic in St. Mary’s County Drinking Water

Ana Silverstein: Language Barriers in Retail Food Environments

Veda Ting: Content Needs Assessment and Evaluation of N95 Mask Video-Based Education for Wildfire Smoke Events

Kate Tokareva: West Nile Virus Surveillance for the Pascua Yaqui Tribe during Summer 2018

Darcy Van Deventer and Justine Marecaux: Wildfire Smoke Risk Communication Efficacy: Using the Extended Parallel Process Model to Summarize

Mariah Dittmore, a DEOHS undergraduate student, discusses her research poster. Photo: Elizar Mercado.
Justine Marecaux, a DEOHS Environmental Health major, shares her project on communicating about the health risks of wildfire smoke. Photo: Elizar Mercado.
DEOHS student Katelyn Kern describes her research to a symposium attendee. Photo: Elizar Mercado.