Jessica Porter

Jessica Porter

Student profile photo of Jessica Porter, MS-ES

MS, Exposure Science (ES)

"I first became interested in exposure sciences while discussing career opportunities with a professor at Boise State University during my undergraduate studies. I told him that I had a passion for helping to create safer workplaces after having lost a family member in a work-related incident and he encouraged me to pursue a BS in Public Health with an Environmental and Occupational Health emphasis.

Since starting my graduate studies in exposure science here at UW, I’ve been impressed by how many professional development opportunities, such as internships and support to attend conferences, are available. For example, this past summer I worked for a large wine distribution company as an Environmental Health and Safety Intern. My main project involved developing and conducting a traffic risk assessment at company sites to determine the risks that on-site traffic posed to pedestrians. Another strength of the program is the wide range of research opportunities available to students. I am currently working as a research assistant with Dr. Noah Seixas to evaluate biomarkers of stress among construction workers. This project exemplifies the department’s commitment to the emerging field of Total Worker Health, an area I’m particularly passionate about.

After I graduate, I plan to pursue either a research coordinator position or an environmental health and safety position before applying to PhD programs."