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Benjamin Weber

Noise exposure to marine foghorns: Assessment and control strategies

MS (Applied) | Applied Occupational Hygiene (App OH)
2020 | Christopher D. Simpson

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Katherine Ly

Getting Pediatric Care in Gentrifying King County

MPH | Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH)
2020 | Michele Andrasik

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Hyoung Gon Ryou

The characterization of whole-body vibration exposures in forklift operators

PhD | Environmental and Occupational Hygiene (EOHY)
2020 | Edmund Y. W. Seto

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Rachel Shaffer

Fine particulate matter, neuropathologies and dementia

PhD | Environmental Toxicology (Tox)
2020 | Lianne Sheppard

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Jongpyo Joe Lim

Acute and persistent effects from environmental toxicant exposure on the gut-liver axis

MS (Thesis) | Environmental Toxicology (Tox)
2020 | Yue Cui

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Gabrielle Felder

The intersection of immigration and climate change in farmworker communities

MPH | Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH)
2020 | John Meschke

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