Lucio G. Costa, PharmD

Professor, Env. and Occ. Health Sciences (Primary department)
The general area of research in Dr. Costa's laboratory is neurotoxicology. Neurotoxic substances may play a role in a number of neurodevelopmental disorders, and in neurological neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Costa's laboratory is interested in the study of the cellular, biochemical and molecular mechanisms involved in neurotoxicity, utilizing in vivo and in vitro cell culture systems, as well as biochemical, molecular and imaging techniques and transgenic animal models.

Contact Information

Box: 354695
4225 Roosevelt Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98195-
Tel: 206-543-2831

Research Interests

  • Neurotoxicology, signal-transduction systems in developmental neurotoxicity, molecular mechanisms of neurotoxicity, biochemical markers of neurotoxicity, children's health, food additives and contaminants, genetic susceptibility, in vitro toxicology, pesticides and children, alcohol, cell-cell interactions in developmental neurotoxicity, toxicology of brominated flame retardants, neurotoxicity of diesel exhaust,, paraoxonase 2, gender-differences in oxidative stress and neurotoxicity
  • KEYWORDS: Alcohol, Developmental neurotoxicity, Birth defects, Children's health, Food additives & contaminants, Genetic susceptibility to neurotoxicants, In vitro toxicology, Nervous system toxicity, Pesticides, Toxicology, Domoic acid, Polybrominated diphenyl ethers, Oxidative stress, Paraoxonase 1, Paraoxonase 2, organophosphorus insecticides, Food additives & contaminants, Genetic susceptibility to toxins, Reproductive toxicology, Solvents (toxicology & health effects)

Teaching interests

ENVH 531 Neurotoxicology (3 credits, Winter Quarter, Even years)
ENVH 516 Toxic Agents: Effects and Mechanisms (3 credits, Spring Quarter)


PharmD, Pharmacology, University of Milan (Italy), 1977


Studies on the neurotoxicity and developmental neurotoxicity of environmental exposures (e.g. diesel exhaust, organophosphorus insecticides) with focus on oxidative stress, neuroinflammation and markers of neurodegenerative diseases. Studies include in vivo exposures in mice, and biochemical, behavioral and immunohistochemical measurements.

Studies on the role of paraoxonase 2 as a determinant of sex-linked differences in susceptibility to neurotoxicity using transgenic mice and in vitro and in vivo approaches.

Studies on the role of paraoxonase 1 in modulating susceptibility to organophosphate toxicity.

Study of the expression and neuroprotective functions of paraoxonase 2 (PON2) in the central nervous system.

Study of the neurotoxic effects of exposure to diesel exhaust
Selected Publications

Research Articles in Refereed Journals

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