Yona Sipos, PhD

Env. and Occ. Health Sciences, Lecturer

Dr. Sipos works at the intersection of food systems, community engaged scholarship, sustainability, and equity. Her PhD in Integrated Studies in Land & Food Systems at the University of British Columbia investigated long-term partnerships critical for community food systems. She contributed to food system sustainability reports for the City of Vancouver, BC and Prince George’s County (PGC), MD, while serving respectively on the Vancouver Food Policy Council and the PGC Food Equity Council. Yona was Program Director for the Chesapeake Foodshed Network, a regional initiative across 6 states and Washington, D.C., developing learning opportunities and work groups across the food system while advancing an emphasis on community ownership and equity. Yona’s expertise in food systems and sustainability education is complemented by her background in plant biology, soil ecology, and agroforestry.

Contact Information

Tel: (206) 616-2680


  • Nutritional Sciences Program
  • North American Food Systems Network

Research Interests

  • Community food systems; Regional food systems; Food equity; Community ownership; Food systems analysis; School food; Community engaged scholarship

Teaching interests

NUTR 302 Food Systems: Harvest to Health

NUTR 400/500 Nutrition Seminar

NUTR 402 Food Systems Modeling & Analysis

NUTR 493 Food Systems Capstone

NUTR 495 Undergraduate Internship

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