DEOHS responds to COVID-19


How our research is contributing to the public health response


Experts at the UW Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences are actively engaged in COVID-19 research and service activities to help protect workers and build resilient communities during the global pandemic.


Our impact

A man lays his cheek against a water buffalo while holding a harness.

Stopping animal-to-human disease transmission

DEOHS Professor Elaine Faustman will lead risk analysis and communication for new $100 million USAID initiative

A doctor sits in front of a computer with a video image of herself and a patient.

Ensuring access to care for injured workers

Specialists in our Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinic quickly pivot to telemedicine to care for patients during the pandemic

A sign on a door reads "No Mask No Entry" as a worker in a face mask cleans a counter in the background.

Vulnerable workers face COVID-19 risk

Women, workers of color filling most ‘high-hazard/low-reward’ jobs in Washington, says a new report from DEOHS and our partners


Three people with face masks on stand in front of a fence with houses in background. Person in middle holds a clipboard and pen, person on right gives a peace sign and is wearing a t-shirt that reads "SERVE LOCAL."

Where you live could influence your COVID-19 risk

King County neighborhoods with highest COVID-19 rates also face higher air pollution and socioeconomic inequities, DEOHS research shows

Pandher, wearing a face mask, standing next to a sidewalk with evergreens in the background.

Protecting Washington workers in the pandemic

DEOHS environmental health major responds to workers' concerns about COVID-19 and more while interning with Washington State Department of Labor & Industries

Two cars driving on otherwise empty Interstate 5 going over Snoqualmie Pass in Washington state, with roadside sign reading "STAYING HOME IS SAVING LIVES. KEEP IT UP WA!"

Measuring the pandemic’s impact on air pollution

Harmful air pollution dropped in Seattle after the COVID-19 shutdown, DEOHS-led team shows


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