Judit Marsillach

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Judit Marsillach has always been drawn to research that improves people’s well-being. But a lucky choice of college roommates led her to the field of environmental health.

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Dr. Judit Marsillach is Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences at the University of Washington School of Public Health. In May 2021, she was appointed as the Sheldon D. Murphy Endowed Chair in Toxicology and Environmental Health.

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MEDIA CONTACT: Deirdre Lockwood, DEOHS Public Information Editor: deirdrel@uw.edu SEATTLE (January 8, 2024) — Children in farming communities face a variety of environmental hazards, including pesticides, diesel exhaust, airborne dust, wildfire smoke, groundwater pollution and socioeconomic stressors.

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The use of chemical agents to eradicate pests and weeds is prevalent across both developing and developed countries, and it plays a crucial role in the agricultural sector by enhancing crop yields and minimizing losses.