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UW and partners launch new project connecting sea to soil for climate resilience

New UW research center on children’s environmental health in farming communities launches

As King Tides loom, newly released stories of 2022 flooding in Seattle highlight need for climate response

New UW Center for Disaster Resilient Communities launches with support from UW Population Health Initiative

New UW Center for Environmental Health Equity to launch with a $12 million grant from the US EPA

Restricting antibiotics for livestock could limit spread of antibiotic-resistant infections in people

Heat-related mortality risk is widespread across Washington state, study shows

Frequently eating domoic acid–contaminated shellfish can impact your brain

UW study strengthens evidence of link between air pollution and child brain development

Studies show extent of strain to Washington’s food access and food production systems due to COVID-19

Deforestation, climate change linked to more worker deaths and unsafe conditions

UW joins USAID’s $125M project to detect emerging viruses with pandemic potential

UW study provides rare window into work life of app-based drivers during pandemic

Research, education hub on ‘coastal resiliency’ will focus on earthquakes, coastal erosion and climate change

Hotter weather is linked to increases in COPD exacerbations

In the news

Protecting temporary workers in the e-scrap industry
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Climate change affects healthcare systems — and vice-versa
April 12, 2024 | UW Medicine | Featured: Catherine Karr, Hilary Arnold Godwin, Jeremy J Hess View

WA has one of the highest workplace injury rates in the U.S. But is that really a problem?
April 10, 2024 | Tri-City Herald | Featured: Richard J. Gleason, David Bonauto View

What to know about the risks of the bird flu outbreak
April 4, 2024 | NPR | Featured: Peter Rabinowitz View

Protecting workers from extreme heat through an energy-efficient workplace cooling transformation
April 3, 2024 | Federation of American Scientists | Featured: June T. Spector View

WA becomes first state to ban lead-contaminated cookware
March 29, 2024 | Seattle Times | Featured: Shar Samy View

EPA advisers urge changes to air quality standards reviews
March 22, 2024 | E&E News | Featured: Lianne Sheppard View

This photo project reveals life with pets while experiencing homelessness
March 13, 2024 | Gizmodo | Featured: Gemina Garland-Lewis View

Olympic athletes could face a tough opponent: Brutal Paris heat
March 10, 2024 | NBC News | Featured: Kristie L. Ebi View

How Bacillus cereus can make you sick from reheated rice
March 6, 2024 | Right as Rain - UW Medicine | Featured: Emily Hovis View

Scientists warn of looming threat to our food supply: 'It's a huge burden on human health'
March 2, 2024 | The Cool Down | Featured: Kristie L. Ebi View

California wildfire smoke impacts Indigenous communities nearly 2x more than expected
March 1, 2024 | EcoWatch | Featured: Joan Casey View

Influential EPA air advisory panel faces turnover
March 1, 2024 | E&E News | Featured: Lianne Sheppard View

University of Washington study finds Seattle's Vision Zero projects pose no threat to local business revenue
March 1, 2024 | Hoodline | Featured: Andrew L. Dannenberg View

Food packaging containing toxic "forever chemicals" no longer sold in U.S., FDA says
February 29, 2024 | CBS News | Featured: Sheela Sathyanarayana View