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Seattle restaurateurs worry for their future as Inslee shuts down indoor dining in Washington state again
November 15, 2020 | Seattle Times | Featured: Marissa Baker View

Heat is killing more people than ever. Scientists are looking for ways to lower the risk
November 12, 2020 | Science | Featured: June T. Spector View

Seattle Now: Minimizing our COVID risk this winter
November 10, 2020 | KUOW | Featured: Marissa Baker View

Evictions would raise COVID-19 risk for everyone
November 9, 2020 | Live Science | Featured: Hilary Arnold Godwin View

In King County, pollution makes ZIP codes predictors of your health
November 2, 2020 | Crosscut | Featured: BJ Cummings, DEOHS staff View

Breathe better with COPD: Living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
November 2, 2020 | WorldHealthNet | Featured: Joel D. Kaufman View

Survey shows mixed feelings about contract tracing, quarantining
November 2, 2020 | Marketplace | Featured: Marissa Baker View

Vitamin D levels during pregnancy linked with child IQ
November 2, 2020 | ScienceDaily | Featured: Sheela Sathyanarayana View

Covid-19 tests given to cats, dogs, dolphins and more animal species by US scientists
October 30, 2020 | CNN | Featured: Peter Rabinowitz View

Analysis: Strengthening the global response to climate change and infectious disease threats
October 26, 2020 | British Medical Journal | Featured: Jeremy J Hess View

Planetary health
October 25, 2020 | Radio Health Journal | Featured: Howard Frumkin View

Essential workers—including those in health care—hit hard by COVID-19 and environmental health threats
October 22, 2020 | South Seattle Emerald | Featured: Marissa Baker View

Cannabis industry workers face unknown occupational hazards
October 21, 2020 | Cannabis Equipment News | Featured: Christopher D. Simpson View

The EPA refuses to reduce pollutants linked to coronavirus deaths
October 21, 2020 | ProPublica | Featured: Lianne Sheppard View

Will climate change increase the presence of pathogens in drinking water?
October 21, 2020 | Ensia | Featured: Karen Levy View