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The heat wave in the West 'virtually impossible' without climate change
July 7, 2021 | USA Today | Featured: Kristie L. Ebi View

‘We thought it wouldn’t affect us’: heatwave forces climate reckoning in Pacific Northwest
July 3, 2021 | The Guardian | Featured: Jeremy J Hess View

Study explores potential cannabis related health concerns to protect industry workers
July 2, 2021 | Spokesman-Review | Featured: Christopher D. Simpson View

Deaths spike as heat wave broils Canada and the Pacific Northwest
June 30, 2021 | New York Times | Featured: Kristie L. Ebi View

The Department of Yes: How pesticide companies corrupted the EPA and poisoned America
June 30, 2021 | The Intercept | Featured: Lianne Sheppard View

2 dead from heat exposure during Monday’s record temperatures in King County
June 30, 2021 | Seattle Times | Featured: Jeremy J Hess, Kristie L. Ebi View

Warehouse operators turn to wearable technology to solve workplace strains
June 29, 2021 | Wall Street Journal | Featured: Martin A. Cohen View

Why I douse my whole body with cold water every night
June 28, 2021 | New York Times | Featured: June T. Spector View

Should you always close the toilet lid before flushing?
June 28, 2021 | Self | Featured: Marilyn C. Roberts View

For many King County families, food aid ‘not nearly enough’ as need spikes in pandemic
June 27, 2021 | Seattle Times | Featured: Jennifer Otten, Sarah Collier View

Seattle preps, braces for coming heat wave that is likely to break records
June 24, 2021 | KOMO News | Featured: June T. Spector View

Wildfire smoke: A burning health issue is getting worse
June 20, 2021 | Everett Herald | Featured: DEOHS alumni Annie Doubleday, Kaitlyn Kelly, Graeme Carvlin View

EPA chief reinstates science advisory board he dismantled
June 18, 2021 | Associated Press | Featured: Lianne Sheppard View

Explainer: What’s behind the heat wave in the American West?
June 17, 2021 | Associated Press | Featured: Kristie L. Ebi View

EPA announces new clean air advisors after firing Trump appointees
June 17, 2021 | The Hill | Featured: Lianne Sheppard View