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As alumni of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Science's undergraduate and graduate programs, there are many reasons to stay connected.

News and Events

Catch up on important news and attend events in the department. Make sure we have your contact information up-to-date. Email .

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Take advantage of our career resources and continuing education programs. Recent alumni are welcome to schedule career counseling appointments.

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Share your academic and career story and be featured on our website as an alumni profile. To submit your profile, please click here

Offer an internship

Through internships, students receive valuable "real world" experience. These opportunities build on their academic training. Play a part in preparing students for their future career by getting involved with our network of contacts. Email Hayley Leventhal, Internship and Career Services Manager, to find out more.

Graduate students in the Occupational and Environmental Exposure Sciences program are encouraged to take advantage of full-time internships during the summer after the first year of graduate study.

Undergraduate students majoring in Environmental Health must complete an internship as part of their program requirements. Internships are generally arranged by each student and fulfilled under the supervision of the sponsoring organizations. Usually taking place during the summer, these paid and non-paid training positions provide many students with invaluable connections to careers after graduation.

Give back

Alumni Volunteer Opportunities: our career services program is seeking alumni willing to provide support and guidance to current students. Click here to view and sign up for a variety of volunteer opportunities.

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