Christopher D. Simpson, PhD, MSc

Professor, Env. and Occ. Health Sciences (Primary department)
My research interests involve the application of analytical chemistry to the development of techniques for assessment of exposure to toxic chemicals, and the subsequent application of those techniques to investigate occupational and environmental exposures. I am particularly interested in the development of analytical methodology to measure xenobiotics and their metabolites or transformation products in biological samples (biomarkers). In support of these efforts, I conduct studies to develop sampling and analysis methods for environmental samples, to provide accurate external exposure measures to validate the biomarkers. I am also interested in applying biomarker techniques in the field of chemical carcinogenesis – to provide new insights into the role of metabolic phenotype and environmental factors in modifying cancer risk.

Contact Information

University of Washington
Box: 357234
1959 NE Pacific Street
Seattle, WA 98195-
Tel: 206-543-3222

Research Interests

  • Air Pollution Monitoring and Modeling. Ambient Air Pollutants. Analytical Chemistry. Biological Monitoring, Biomarkers. Cholinesterase monitoring. Diesel Exhaust. Exposure Assessment. Indoor Air. Industrial Chemistry. Industrial Hygiene. Occupational Exposure. Pesticides. Polycyclic Hydrocarbons. Trace Contaminants. Wood Smoke.

In the News

Teaching interests

Instrumental methods for industrial hygiene measurement (Graduate Laboratory course)
Environmental sampling and analysis (Undergraduate Lecture & Laboratory courses)
Biological monitoring for chemical exposures (Graduate seminar course)


PhD, Chemistry, University of British Columbia (Canada), 1997
MSc, Chemistry, University of Waikato, 1992


  1. Biomarkers of exposure to biomass smoke
  2. Biomarkers of exposure to diesel exhaust
  3. Use of molecular markers for measurement and source apportionment of particulate air pollution
  4. Pesticide exposure biomarkers
  5. Novel biomarkers of exposure to toxic metals
Selected Publications

Refereed research articles (published, in-press or submitted)

  1. Arcus, V., Simpson, C.D., Main, L. An enolate intermediate in chalcone-flavanone isomerisation; Saturation kinetics and a change in rate-limiting step in the general-acid-catalyesd cyclization of 2'-6'-dihydroxy-3,4,4'-trimethoxychalcone in amine buffer solutions. J. Chem. Res., (1992), 2, pp80-81.
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