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An oil drilling rig backlit by smoky skies at sunset with windmills in the background.

Wildfires increasingly threaten oil and gas drill sites

Some 3 million people could face compounded health risks in coming decades as a result, according to new study

| Jason Pohl

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A person reaches through a cattle paddock to take a sample of the dirt while a cow looks on.

Are dairy workers more susceptible to allergies and asthma?

New DEOHS study shows dairy workers’ asthma levels are not unusually high, but allergy may be a concern

a young woman with glasses wearing a white dress and a blue shirt stands near a flowering bush.

Curiosity, service and a drive to make a difference

Bridget Ury named 2023 Outstanding Undergraduate Student by DEOHS and the UW School of Public Health

Utility workers in cherry pickers work on electrical power lines.

These four regions of the US are hardest hit by power outages

Prolonged power outages plague regions already facing climate and social vulnerability, new study shows

Interior shot of a building wall with photos and a sign that reads: Healthy People, Healthy Planet

UW School of Public Health ranked 5th among US public health graduate programs

Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences ranked No. 8 in new US News & World Report ranking

A woman looks on as a boy blows into a respiratory monitoring device.

DEOHS collaborations explore child health and socioecological conflict

DEOHS and partners examine “healthy home” solutions in Yakima Valley and ecosystem-health links in Brazil with awards from UW Population Health Initiative

Bikers in masks stand around cartons of canned food under a tent.

How to create a more equitable food system in Washington

DEOHS researchers gather insights on how the state’s food sectors withstood the pandemic



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