DEOHS responds to COVID-19


How our research is contributing to the public health response


Experts at the UW Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences are actively engaged in COVID-19 research and service activities to help protect workers and build resilient communities during the global pandemic.


Our impact

An older person in glasses looks at a laptop while sitting inside a house near a window.

The unseen community effects of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders

Early in the pandemic, adults over 65 reported poorest average well-being of those surveyed, according to DEOHS research in King County

Several students stand around a poster during the School of Public Health Undergraduate Symposium.

DEOHS undergrads investigate West Nile virus, antibiotic resistance and animal control

Environmental Health majors present their research at the UW School of Public Health Undergraduate Symposium

Bikers in masks stand around cartons of canned food under a tent.

How to create a more equitable food system in Washington

DEOHS researchers gather insights on how the state’s food sectors withstood the pandemic

Two men move a cart full of bread at a food pantry.

Washingtonians struggle to afford food amid price increases, new survey shows

Low-income Washington state households still experiencing food insecurity as pandemic protections end

DEOHS Research Scientist Angelo Ong, in protective face shield helmet in a lab, holds two bottles of wastewater for analysis.

New report urges US investment in wastewater disease surveillance

DEOHS Professor Scott Meschke and coauthors recommend national wastewater surveying system to detect disease outbreaks in new National Academies report

Photo of Jennifer Otten with a background of cherry tomatoes.

DEOHS faculty member joins Washington State Food Policy Forum

Associate Professor Jennifer Otten hopes to boost public health in Washington with a holistic approach to food systems


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