DEOHS responds to COVID-19


How our research is contributing to the public health response


Experts at the UW Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences are actively engaged in COVID-19 research and service activities to help protect workers and build resilient communities during the global pandemic.


Our impact

Alexandria Vingino standing in front of a lake and mountain, with a cloth face mask in hand.

Why are there drug-resistant bacteria in seal poop?

MPH student Alexandria Vingino and collaborators find antibiotic-resistant E. coli in the waste of some marine mammals around Puget Sound

A mannequin on an operating table with a black air monitoring sensor on its chest.

Can the coronavirus spread in hospital air?

Using state-of-the-art sensors, DEOHS researchers team up with UW colleagues to track aerosols in a hospital environment

Woman with surgical mask and gloves on sits at a conference table with papers, sanitizer, wipes and N95 masks.

Reusing N95 masks safely

Two DEOHS graduate students are part of a UW team testing how many times N95 masks can be disinfected and reused for health care

Wildfire smoke with mountains in the background and evergreens in the foreground.

Facing wildfire smoke amid COVID-19

Communities need connection to weather wildfire smoke and climate change, but the pandemic is making it harder to come together

Headshots of Otten, Baker, Errett

Boosting economic recovery from the pandemic

Three DEOHS teams receive new funding from the UW Population Health Initiative for economic recovery research

A woman in a purple shirt smiles against an outdoor backdrop of trees and mountains.

Landing her dream job

2020 Outstanding Master’s student Kaitlyn Kelly credits her mentors with helping launch her career in environmental health


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