David S. Boyle
Faculty Member | October 10, 2019
As the Program Leader of the Diagnostic program at PATH, I have over 10 years of experience in developing diagnostic tools and technologies for use in low resource settings.
Peter Rabinowitz
Faculty Member | September 30, 2019
Dr. Peter Rabinowitz is professor of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, and  director of the UW Center for One Health Research.
Scott Meschke
Faculty Member | September 30, 2019
Dr. Meschke is an environmental and occupational health microbiologist, specializing in the fate, transport, detection and control of pathogens in environmental media (air, water, food and surfaces). 
Julia Yue Cui
Faculty Member | September 30, 2019
Dr. Julia Yue Cui is Assistant Professor in toxicology in the UW Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences. She is a recipient of the Sheldon D. Murphy Endowed Chair and a member of the UW Interdisciplinary Center for Exposures, Diseases, Genomics and Environment.
Gerard A. Cangelosi
Faculty Member | September 26, 2019
Dr. Cangelosi works on infectious diseases, especially in the areas of molecular diagnostics, pathogen detection, and exposure/transmission. His work in both public and private sectors has generated 10 patents, 2 product launches, 1 start-up company launch, and over 80 publications.